KaiserCartel - March Forth (2008)

Genre : Indie,Folk,Alternative

1. Oh No
2. Season Song
3. Traveling Feet
4. The Good Ones
5. The Flood
6. Inside Out
7. Okay
8. The Same
9. Favorite Song
10. The Stars
11. Blue Sky
12. Free Will Zone

Calling KaiserCartel a group is a slight misnomer. A duo made up of real-life couple Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel, both have been veterans of New York’s live scene for years. After slugging it out in groups and as backing musicians (in Kaiser’s case background singer for John Mellencamp) they joined together first as backing musicians for each other and finally melding into this combo that shares their names. Having played as KaiserCartel for an extended period they have now released this, their debut album March Forth.

Recorded with aqualung alumni Matt Hales over 8 days in LA and mixed by Hale and Sigur Ros knobman Ken Thomas, they attempted to translate their live show onto tape without losing any of the live magic and intimacy performing as a duo can bring and trying to capture the couples knack for playing multiple instruments live to create the illusion of more players on stage than just the two.