Benjamin Wetherill - Laura [Ba Da Bing / Red Deer Club, 2008]

Genre : Indie,Folk,Experimental

1. For All The Headlines
2. Ada
3. So Dark The Night
4. Folds In The Curtain
5. Kissing Under Poplars
6. A Willowing
7. Shallow Brown
8. Black Waterside
9. How Lonely The Moon
10. Oh Sorrow

Recorded in a disused 19th-century palace on the outskirts of Budapest, Benjamin Wetherill’s first album captures the intimacy of a delicate Folk idiom along with the innovation of original technique and approach. Wetherill, a Leeds native who has been making his own music for almost a decade, plays intricate fingerpicked guitar passages, and sings with a lilting style unlike anybody recording today. A startling listen for anyone looking for truly talented musicians wholly focused on their own vision.