Vetiver - Thing Of The Past (2008)

Genre : Indie,Folk,Rock


01. Houses
02. Roll On Babe
03. Sleep A Million Years
04. Hook & Ladder
05. To Baby
06. Road To Ronderlin
07. Lon Chaney
08. Hurry On Sundown
09. The Swimming Song
10. Blue Driver
11. Standin'
12. I Must Be In A Good Place Now

"Generally for a rock band of at least semiserious intentions, the time for a covers album is when it has grown established and a little confused: its 4th or 5th or 10th record, say. Third is a little soon.

But Vetiver, from San Francisco, is basically a folk group with amps and drums, and covering other people’s songs isn’t a grand statement; it’s a folk ritual, a means of dissemination and cross-pollination. “Thing of the Past,” its third album, renders faithful versions of very obscure songs in their own style, which is Vetiver’s style anyway: late 1960s and early 1970s settled, meditative, West Coast electric folk-rock. The record is super studied, but never bloodless. And it’s much better than that sounds.