Buenos Muchachos - Amanecer Buho (2003)

Genre : Alternative Rock / Uruguayan Rock


  1. Ahí voy
  2. He never wants to see you (once again)
  3. Partes del campo (parte 2)
  4. Under the tilo's tree
  5. Coral #5
  6. Carlos, su auto y la calle mojada
  7. Temperamento
  8. Pavimento del buen muchacho
  9. Jaja jeje (canción de cuna para Kurt Cobain)
  10. La hermosa langosta aplastada en la vereda
  11. 3 solterones, ven
  12. Percuplast
  13. Iris de morfina
  14. Ambiente Carcasi
  15. Y nos vamos jodiendo gratis
  16. Monos en la mesa

Buenos muchachos is an Indie and alternative rock band from Montevideo.
Its beginnings date from 1991 and is due to the Sunday custom of joining in a garage in the Malvin neighborhood by Pedro Dalton and Gustavo Antuña; voice and guitar respectively.
These meetings were loaded with the feeling of hangover after Saturday where they simply got together to express themselves chatting, artistically motivated both in music and in visual arts.
These meetings motivated the formation of the group.
His most notorious influences are: Nirvana, The Pixies, Sonic Youth and The Doors.
The first record by Buenos Muchachos called "Nunca Fui Yo" recorded between September and December 1994 in "Estudio Record" was finally released in 1996 in a cassette format with only one CD copy as original.
By then, the band's formation was Álvaro Garrigós en Bajo, Gustavo Antuña en Guitarra, Rafael Clavero en Batería and Pedro Dalton en Voz.
That disc, with an opaque sound but with nuances and sonorous settings in the best The Doors style that little seems to be from a conventional band of the Uruguayan Under. This album, which was reissued in 2008, contains songs such as "Prelude of the Silver River Slayers", "Temperamento", and "A Jump in the City" that would later be re-recorded and included in other albums.
The first official live presentation was March 1992 in "Junta Cadáveres", thus starting a career that would take them to several recordings, hundreds of stages, changes in the formation to brief breaks, but above all of constant growth in their artistic ability.

They followed the presentations live but already as a quintet, due to the incorporation of Marcelo Fernández as a second guitar, being this fundamental pillar in the sound of the group.
By 1999 "Aire Rico" came to light what would be the second album, this time, mixed and mastered in the studio "Uncle Riki" and finally edited by Ayuí Discos.
Already left the cassette format, Buenos Boys reaffirms his particular style his songs are energetic as much as they can be depressing or motivating. In this exemplary songs like "Cecilia", "From two best", "Preludio of the Slayers" and "Rocanrolazo" are included as well as including a bonus track nearly 30 minutes, where you can hear a typical chat between friends, music and other herbs ... For that record the drum recordings were in charge of Daniel Yaffé, who would later be replaced by drummer Laura Gutman.

In 1999 they return to the load with which it would be its third disc, denominated "Dendritas contra el bicho feo" recorded between July and August of that same year in the study the Foot of Buenos Aires and soon published by Ultrapop.
Dendrites against the ugly bug already has a more professional sound while maintaining its compositional quality and making more and more devoted to its loyal followers. This disc with a total of 12 subjects has in several of them jewels of its discography
Standing out "El Faro", "H.I.V." and "Fusible Suelto".

Since 2003, the musical event "Pilsen Rock" began to take place, bringing together the best national rock bands of the moment in the heart of the country.
For the 2005 Good Boys that already counted on its 4to disc from aims of the 2003 that had taken them to receive several recognitions and prizes including its participation in this mega festival.
The disc Breaking Dawn is not one more in the history of the national rock. Many believed that this work was the most they could give.
His songs: "I never want to see you (once again)", "The beautiful lobster crushed on the sidewalk", "Coral # 5", "Parts of the field (part 2)" make the set of themes a copy loaded with new sensations and really superb musical segments. Dawn Búho was recorded between September and October 2003 and edited by Bizarro Records.

Magpahi - Magpahi EP (2008)

Genre : Indie,Folk,Experimental

01 - Through The Pine Forest
02 - Spinning Wheel
03 - Clemmin
04 - To Sing With Joy From Out A Sorrowing Heart
05 - Horses In The Night
06 - Friendship

I was already bloody curious for more since I heard Magpahi’s lonely track on the “Bearded Ladies” compilation full of old and new wyrd folk lady birds. Magpahi is the magpie of the ladybirds, is Alison Cooper on vocals, recorders, guitar and harmonium, mostly with participations from Sam McLoughlin from psychfolk band Sam And The Plants (a group which I think also deserves a full release ; I could not even find their 2 EPs yet ; -I only reviewed their demo with these recordings and more on next page-). Alison’s voice, and somewhat also some of her songs, with no doubt is to some degree somewhat Vasthi Bunyan-alike (especially on the lullaby with glockenspiel and guitar, “Horses in the night”). She has this sweet attractive gentleness of a voice, adds old folk-flavours to the songs, works them out well like miniatures, sings them gently like waking-up songs. On “Through the Pine Forest” the guitar sounds very harp-like. On “Clemmin” the harmonium sounds like some sort of automatic instrument (due to recording of the clicking sounds of the playing, -played by Andrew Marshland-), while elsewhere the harmonium is delivering more colouring harmonic undertones, in combination with flute or other instruments. The arrangements are surely done with an ear to harmonies and are well produced and arranged. I wish the lyrics were included, because the songs, even in its relaxed sweet forms, pass very quickly like leaves of roses on the wind. The lyrics on “Clemmin” used an extract from the poem “The Shurat Weaver” by Samuel Laylock (1860) -from which the notes say that this was often sung to the traditional “Rory O’More”-. “To Sing with joy from a Sorrowing Heart” used words by French poet Christine De Pisan (14th-15th century). A beautiful and recommended EP, which I just hope will lead to a full release contract some time later.

Redtrack - Wait Around EP (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,British


1. Wait Around
2. Miss You Not
3. Stuck In This Town
4. Can't Be Arsed

"Essex indie bods REDTRACK delivery a fine slice jagged pop fodder, with a song of everyday beered up dancefloor lust. think sons and daughters meets the wannadies and you'll get the picture. boy/girl vocals with a spikey edge that'll pump the alcohol through your veins on a saturday night on sticky floored clubs up and down the country".

Bon Voyage - Lies (2008)

Genre : Indie,New-Wave,Dream-Pop

01 - Monster
02 - Don't Lie
03 - Birthday
04 - Best Friend
05 - Bad Friend
06 - Diary
07 - The Good Life
08 - Girlfriend In A Coma
09 - Bad Dream
10 - LTD
11 - Wake Up, Make Up

Bon Voyage is a side project of Starflyer 59 frontman Jason Martin, with his wife Julie Martin providing the vocals.
They have released three albums on Tooth & Nail Records and two 7” records on Velvet Blue Music.

Not that this frontwoman/wife/mother-of-two for veteran superduo Bon Voyage is anything frightening at first glance. And not that this latest, genius concoction by herself and her producer/songwriter/husband Jason is inherently macabre, morose, or pummeling, at least on the surface. In fact, at first glance, Julie (and Jason) are the sweetest, gentlest, kindest people you would ever want to meet, and their latest LP, at first listen, is just a hopelessly catchy collection of indie pop/dance tracks.

Which it makes it all the more chilling when, on the opening song of the new album , Julie sings, I wish I was a monster. I would hide under the stairs. I wish I was a nightmare. I'd give you a scare. It is as if Bon Voyage are hiding something a bit more than just solid songs underneath the surface...