Track A Tiger - We Moved Like Ghosts (2007)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Pop


1. Saint About To Fall
2. Don't Make A Weapon
3. Light
4. All These Accidents
5. I Speak To You With A Single Heart
6. Not Far From This Anger
7. With Stars Down
8. Sometimes Love Runs Out
9. Summer's End
10. Without Fail

The songs started with acoustic guitar and then were slowly worked over a two-year period. Keyboards, guitars, banjo, cello, female harmonies and other assorted blips and bleeps were added. Jim Viner, an old friend back from their days in the Iowa City band Head Candy, (Link/Elektra), added drums to seven tracks. Kristina Castañeda, a newer friend from his hometown of Dubuque, Iowa, added vocals to four tracks.

Deciding the project needed an ending point, time was booked to mix in June 2005 at Paul Oldham's Rove Studio in rural Shelbyville, Kentucky. Although happy with the mixes (and the three peaceful days spent at Paul’s farmhouse/studio), it was decided some of the songs weren't quite done. A few more lyrics were written, additional harmonies added, and the result was mixed and mastered by Pat Stolley at Futureappletree Studio 1 in Rock Island, Illinois.

The result, “Woke up early the day I died,” is a moody thirty-three minutes of male-female harmonies, a little rock, and lots of slow, sad, sleepy late nights. Released in February 2006 on Future Appletree Records, the CD got lots of love from the bloggers as well as good reviews in Magnet, Skyscraper, Spill Magazine, and Pop Matters.