These Modern Socks - Picking A Lock At The Speed Of Light (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Electronica


1. No One's Gonna Miss Me
2. Dilemma
3. Worry Free Lifestyle
4. Picking A Lock At The Speed Of Light
5. Space Bars
6. Escape Pod
7. Where I Came From
8. Wooden
9. To Nasa
10. On The Moon

Built in a spare room, forged in keys and distortion, These Modern Socks push jittery keyboard lines, stop and go drums and a combination of electric and acoustic guitar into a well crafted, synth/guitar-pop work of art. The quintet is an eclectic combination of extremely well versed musicians of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
Recording nearly the entire album in a spare room in his home, Corey Palmer (guitar/keys/vox) took his vision of the perfect pop record and put it to tape. He opted to enlist the talents of his former Daykit band mates, Nick Tveitbakk (keys/samples/back-up vox) and Aaron “Al” Bergstrom (bass/back-up vox). Still looking to expand the sound of the ensemble, the group recruited Twin Cities’ scene veterans Park Evans (electric guitar) and JT Bates (drums).

“It’s groove-worthy but sophisticated, delighting the speakers with a healthy range of soft piano ballads and cathartic rants.” - CITY PAGES