Universal Circus - Hello sunshine! (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Electronic-Gaze


01. BF legend 2:18
02. Side effects of a time machine 2:47
03. Mmmm 2:53
04. Bad trip to Mars 2:27
05. Nonsensical boy 4:01
06. A dance to the music of time 3:18
07. Leccion de claque #2 2:05
08. Difficult year 3:30
09. 12345 2:04
10. Universal deluge 2:17
11. Golden lion 8:12
12. Magnetic word game 4:59

Universal Circus is the project of Jose Lozano and Poncho those already missing Automatics, one of the groups highlighted in the first wave of underground groups homeland of early 90's noise and flag next to The Planets. Formed in Jaen in 2001, following the launch of its first demo (best model year for the listeners of Radio Disc Grande 3 and second best model for the listeners A Journey of Dreams Polar 40 Main), their debut live in Contempopránea Festival in 2003 and Mushroom Pillow recorded for the album "Shinning Light Series."

Now reappear with "Hello! Sunshine, "a device to which you have opened the windows to breathe energy and vitality of the first rays of sun a day. They have realized his speech: the disc is shorter and less dark than the previous one, but retains the sounds neopsicodélicos, guitars suprapedaleadas and science-fiction series B as inspiration, as also happened in the last stage of Automatics. They play with the duality of dreamy space-pop and arrangements sintetitzadores and storm of guitar britpop groups like Six By Seven.

And all this again with the guarantee that entails taking into production Carlos Hernandez, head of sound debut Bizarre Love Triangle. The disc also has collaborated Pedro Cantudo, producer Limousine, Jubilee and Deneuve.

The artwork is the work of the study Barcelona Comte d'Urgell.