HitchcockGoHome! - You Can Not Be Serious (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Folk

01. Odd
02. A dawn fo Lanark
03. Something you can't hide
04. Fell off the grid
05. Pale or blue
06. Where you are
07. She's drawing
08. Naked in a crowd
09. Goodbye

French quintet HitchcockGoHome! create superb shoegaze music with the acoustic gothic alt.country gloss of 16 Horsepower and Werner Ghost Truck. With a leading role for the banjo on their sophomore album You Can Not Be Serious!... they build their tunes adding one color at the time. She's drawing is a song that takes the listener by the hand, showing him rarely explored back roads of indie music. The lyrics have a ring of detachment to them. You can look, but you can not touch. Like they sing in Odd :

"we look at your odd face
you're not in the right place
we would never know who you are
we would never see where you are"

You Can Not Be Serious!... is an album for the inner circle. Audiophiles and headphone freaks will love it.