Shearwater - Rook (2008)

Genre : Indie,Folk,Rock


01. On the death of the waters 3:08
02. Rooks 3:22
03. Leviathan bound 2:53
04. Home life 7:15
05. Lost boys 2:25
06. Century eyes 2:18
07. I was a cloud 5:13
08. South Col 2:35
09. The snow leopard 5:09
10. The hunter's star 4:01

Shearwater's music is deeply rooted in nature, yet there's nothing cute or cuddly about their take on the pastoral - this is the sound of the wilderness, the desert and the savage coast.
In keeping with its lyrical preoccupations with the natural world, using the imagery of fairytale and Victorian poetry to hint at deeper meaning, Rook is almost entirely untainted by the modern world. Much of the instrumentation (harps, strings, woodwinds) could have been called upon any time in the last 200 years; and overall the album's sound is anchored by Jonathan Meiburg's bold, soaring tenor rather than my any new-fangled electric or electronic devices.
If there's a precedent in recent pop music, it's Talk Talk's Spirit of Eden: both in terms of composition (voice-led songs backed by elegant, dramatic arrangements) and the quiet-loud dynamics which alternately seduce and threaten the listener's ear. Opener On The Death Of The Waters is a case in point. At first, there's a delicate piano melody hiding behind muttered yet impassioned Mark Hollis vocals. But resist the temptation to turn the volume up to 11, because around the corner there's an explosion into deafening, slo-mo Godspeed You Black Emperor! thunderstorms.