The Rollo Treadway - The Rollo Treadway (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Psychedelic


1. Kidnapped
2. Rua Gararu 188
3. You Laugh, I Cry
4. Dear Mr. Doe
5. Fridays Child
6. The Seahorse
7. Coasts Clear
8. Charlie
9. All Heads Turn
10. Shes Got Me
11. Avenue X
12. The Children of Table 34
13. Time to Dream

The Rollo Treadway are five people right now but they used to be only two when Blake and David did some demos a bunch of years ago and then they were four people for awhile when they were recording the record but the other two besides Blake and David aren't part of the other three that are in the group right now. Those other three are Jörg, Grant and Tyler. So on the record that's really Blake and that's really David but it's not the other three; it's the other two, Michael and James, that were in the group after Blake and David and those first demos. Well, Michael and James weren't really "in the group". Michael produced the record and played a bunch of instruments, mostly organ and electric piano (all the stuff that Jörg plays now), and James played the bass guitar and all of the guitar parts that were too hard for David to play. Now Grant plays the bass guitar and Tyler plays all of the guitar parts that James played because David couldn't. Blake plays drums and David sings and plays guitar on the demos and the record and now.