Sennen - Where The Light Gets In (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Ambient,Shoegaze

1. Blackout
2. Everybody's Loss
3. Your Hand In Mine
4. Just Wanted To Know
5. Here It Is
6. Where The Light Gets In
7. Falling For You
8. Sennen Enjoy Life
9. A Lifetime Passed
10. Fear Home
11. Even Now

Many bands' press releases claim that they are part of a divine rock lineage due to their wide range of musical influences (which usually include "everything from the Beach Boys to Slayer!"), but few bands actually live up to these lofty comparisons. Sennen, however, become an immediate exception to the rule, as the sounds they create on their second album certainly do a good job of paying homage to the obvious influences of post-rock gods like Mogwai.

However, the sonic maturity displayed on Where The Light Gets In indicates that Sennen have come a long way from aping Mogwai. The quartet weaves between psychedelic rock, soft balladry, and uncompromising noise rock to create a varied, enjoyable listening experience. The instruments combine in a seemingly endless aural space with a production value that's through the roof.

It all starts off with the band's strong lead single, Blackout, a tune that features noisy drones, pounding drums, and distorted vocal harmonies that sound like the chants of a religious rite. The cult-like elements are reinforced by a dramatic repetition of the phrase "We'll make a sacrifice" as Interpol-like dark guitars drenched with delay and reverb puncture the track with nervous intensity.