Poni Hoax - Images Of Sigrid (2008)

Genre : Indie,Electroclash,Pop

01. The Paper Bride
02. The Bird Is On Fire
03. Pretty Tall Girls
04. Antibodies
05. Images Of Sigrid
06. You're Gonna Miss My Love
07. Crash-Pad Driver
08. My Own Private Vietnam
o9. The Soundtrack Of Your Fears
10. Hypercommunication
11. You Of The Broken Hands
12. All Things Burn
13. Faces In The Water

Poni Hoax is a five man army of «jeunes gens modernes», bookworm musicians and extremely talented composers.
Their lead vocalist, Nicolas Ker tackles an ambitious and unique style that walks the thin line between a decadent Morrissey or an elegiac Jim Morrisson. This quizzical dandy with an exotic touch (born from French-Cambodian parents in Egypt).

The symbiosis he shares with the band’s lead composer, Laurent Bardainne, can be equated with that formerly uniting Carl Barat and Pete Doherty with maturity on top.
Next to this ubiquitous duo, Arnaud Roulin (keyboard/bass), Nicolas Villebrin (guitar) and Vincent Taeger (drums), partners in crime and über-accomplished musicians who have co-oped with the gotha of French « variétés » (Feist, Romain Humeau, Dave! etc.).
Together they fuel the fire of an irridescent musical flame laced with infectious, nearly fatal melodies.