King Creosote - They Flock Like Vulcans to See Old Jupiter Eyes on His Home Craters (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Folk

1 On Esther's Planet
2 No One Had It Better
3 Ear Against the Wireless
4 Houston Tharoule
5 A Mighty Din of 'What If!'
6 Think Elephant
7 Dead Mouse Diary
8 44 BC
9 Home Creatures
10 The Minter Scale
11 It's Going to End in Tears
12 All Mine

Albums with preposterously long titles, hmm. Have we learned nothing from Fiona Apple, people? It’s a genuine surprise release, this, with KC’s recent album still warm on the shelves of the nation’s record shops and the squeals of the betrayed folkies still ringing in our ears.
He’s always been a prolific little minstrel, has Kenny, and I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that this record follows so hard on the heels of the previous one (it was probably half-written before that one even came out). In the sense that Bombshell came across as a release from the shackles of years of home-recorded low-fi releases, this one can’t help but give the impression of a similar reaction to the Big Pop Record that was Bombshell.