You Were Always - Ghost Lanes EP (2008)

Genre : Indie, Folk, Ambient


1. All the Books I Read
2. Wine Out of Coffee Cups
3. A Forest's Worth of Paper Wasted
4. Running Red Lights
5. Clockwork

Austin’s You Were Always are big fans of anything Mark Kozelek, and it shows on their brand new 5-song EP, Ghost Lanes, for which they will be having a CD release show at Stubb’s indoors on Saturday night with The Midgetmen and The Bubbles. From singer Cam Houser’s soft-spoken vocals full of a calm melancholy to the quieted tap of the snare drum to the lazy whine of a pedal steel guitar, most of the songs within Ghost Lanes touches down somewhere in the neighborhood of Red House Painters or Whiskeytown. Houser’s hushed harmonies with Aubri Hughes in the choruses and corners of the record beam outward from the record putting all in an instantly sentimental mood.
“Running Red Lights” takes full advantage of these melodies and fills itself up with all the soft sentiment it can muster while guy and gal tour this alt-country-ish folkie with a strong, keyed-out chorus. “All the Books I Read” is a springtime drive by yourself. It’s a little somber, a little pleasant and playful, and introspective.

The Midgetmen aren’t midgets at all, but in fact full-grown men playing dirty rock with a tendency to blend in some pop punk and indie rock. This show is close on the heels of their third album, Show Pony, which came out about two months ago. The Bubbles are set to open the show with plenty of garagey pop by way of tambourines, distorted guitars and synth.