Gentle Touch - In Memory of Savannah (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Electronic,Synth-Pop

1. Expectation
2. The Finer Arts
3. The View
4. Once You Used To
5. Sonnenfinsternis
6. On the Verge of Tears
7. Spikgatan - Margareta Plan
8. Pieter Van Den Hoogenband

Now, there's a little Swedish band you might have heard of called 'Gentle Touch' - if you've been to one of my semi-legendary dinner parties, that is. They're hot property in my palatial Pimlico kitchen right now. Everybody who comes over wants to leave with my Gentle Touch album, 'In Memory of Savannah' - 100% fact. But I just can't seem to let go of it.

I only play brilliant music, particularly with the thought of aiding digestion at the back of my mind. And yet this is the one album that everybody comments on - that nobody wants me to turn down so they can enthuse about my flambéd squid or quiz me over the preparatory techniques for my Fly Agaric soufflé.

There's no denying that at first listen this sounds like a Best of the 80s compilation album. (A damn good one, mind.) Listeners often ask "Is this A-ha?" during 'Expectations', or "Is this Depeche Mode?" during 'The View'.