Cloetta Paris - Secret Eyes (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Disco

1. Did We Collide?
2. Secret Eyes
3. Broken Heart Tango
4. Already Missing You
5. Breakdown
6. I Miss You, Someone
7. So Serious (ELO cover)
8. Beat Street
9. Young Girls In Town
10. Arabian Nights

No fair! Sweden already gave us one Italo disco princess, Sally Shapiro. Just a few months after Shapiro wrapped her wintry voice around our hearts with debut album Disco Romance, singer Cloetta Paris springs out of Stockholm to give us another icy slab of Italo-tinged synth-pop. "Take me back home/ To Paris and Rome," Paris-- if that is her real name-- whispers on an oohing, ah-ing chorus of "I Miss You Someone". Roger Gunnarsson of now-defunt Swedish twee-poppers Nixon plays the role of Shapiro producer Johan Agebjörn here, surrounding Paris with sparse dance beats and chopping up her vocals. If Nixon rings a bell, you might remember Shapiro's "Anorak Christmas", which, fittingly enough, was a cover of a Gunnarsson tune. Sure, Paris enters an increasingly crowded field, given recent Italo-inspired greatness from acts like Glass Candy and Chromatics, but Gunnarsson's indie pop touch sets the track apart from the darker electro of the Italians Do It Better set.