Booka Shade - The sun & the neon light (2008)

Genre : Electronica,Lounge,Dance


01. Outskirts 4:54
02. Duke 4:32
03. Dusty boots 3:26
04. Control me 5:09
05. Solo city 4:35
06. Redemption 4:09
07. Charlotte 4:31
08. The sun & the neon light 4:31
09. Sweet lies 3:58
10. Karma car 4:17
11. Psychameleon 4:56
12. Planetary 4:09
13. Comacabana 4:34
14. You don't know what you mean to me 5:13

It's the state Massive Attack called Mezzanine, the same headspace occupied by Bill Murray in Lost In Translation: those sensations halfway between sleep and wakefulness brought on by jet-lag or over-indulgence, when reality seems remote and unreachable beyond the hotel window or a mental fug. And it’s the place Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier inhabit on their third album, trapped – as the title suggests – in the twilight zone between day and night.
For while The Sun & The Neon Light is very obviously the creation of two men still in love with the dancefloor, it also probes into the stresses a long-standing and intense affair with clubland can put on your relationships with the outside world.