Wolf Tickets - Milk Moon (CDR) 2008

Genre : Indie,Folk,Acoustic,Experimental

1. On My Most Glamourous Days 3:01
2. Islands 3:05
3. Blue 6:50
4. September 3:41
5. West 4:37
6. Any Religion That Kills Me Is Good 2:50
7. [Seven Hands] 1:48
8. People In My Sleep 3:14
9. Foghorn 2:57
10. (Sugar) 1:58
11. My Disappearing Act 5:16
12. Like Mary M 4:30
13. [Summer Leaves] 3:19
14. Window 3:26
15. Live Near Your Skin 4:09
16. How It Felt 3:40
17. Dust Afternoon 6:55
18. Rock In My Shoe 13:16

All I can say is at times it sounds like quiet ambient folk that you would expect to hear from a cabin in a cold town in the middle of nowhere. Similar to something one would hear on Marriage Records, States Rights, K Records or a handful of DIY labels (Now Hereness, Lost Sound Tapes, Blank Tapes and Records, Stop Drop Records). Other times it is more ambient electronic, similar again to those labels. Definitely DIY but still professional sounding. Sometimes it reminds me of some early 90s lofi/alternative bands. The vocals remind me of Lou Reed sometimes. Definitely for fans of Mount Eerie / The Microphones, Fire Island AK, Sneakypines, At Night, Cole Milner / Cole Miller Island, Sebadoh / Lou Barlow, Thanksgiving. He is from Brussels, and describes himself as Alternative / Experimental / Acoustic.