This Is The Kit - Krulle Bol (2008)

Genre : Indie,Folk,Experimental,Female-Vocal


1.Our Socks Forever More
2.Two Wooden Spoons
3.Birchwood Beaker
5.Creeping Our Shins
6.Shared Out
7.Tangled Walker
8.Greasy Goose
9.We Need Our Knees
10.With Her Weels Again
11.Krulle Bol
12.She Does

This is the Kit is Kate Stables, a lady in possession of a voice as pure and shiver-inducing as the morning dew. Her album, Krulle Bol, features simple songs in which said voice takes centre stage, with just a few simple plucks of the guitar as accompaniment

Kate's lyrics are mostly pretty down to earth, but with Birchwood Beaker she starts to sound more pagan and witch-like, singing about snow, migrating geese and Odin. Any cyclist will sympathise with the lyrics of With her Wheels, "happy is sheeee, who is not missing her bike, missing the sweetness in flight."

Originally from Winchester, and now settled in Paris via Bristol, This is the Kit is a favourite of Rob da Bank, along with Kate's other, more-peopled band, Whalebone Polly. I reckon This is the Kit would be even more haunting live, and fortunately for us she is touring over the summer - check her myspace page for details.