The Superimposers - Harpsichord Treacle (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Oldish

1. Anymore
2. The Northern Song
3. Make It All Better
4. Autumn Falls
5. Golden
6. All Your Memories
7. Kicking Around
8. Holes In the Air
9. Hand Me Downs
10. Special
11. Twilight

"Oozing from your i-Pod like treacle from a Harpsichord" The Supimposers are a London, UK duo comprised of composers and sound experimentalists Miles Copeland and Dan Warden (Dan is currently also releasing songs under the name Dan Solo) who have been working together as well as collaborating and remixing several artists, including; Jose Gonzalez, The Sables, Zooey, and Brooklyn NY's Au Revoir Simone, to name a few. Beginning in the early 2000s up until now, The Superimposers have released three of their own albums to date, as well as several singles, and remixes. Using the name of their company web site ( to launch their own imprint; the aptly named "Wonderfulsound" label, this past year, and with the completion of their wonderful sounding album, Harpsichord Treacle this is undoubtedly their most personal release to date.

A warm mish-mash of psychedelia, Beach Boys' inspired harmonies, and swinging orchestration; Harpsichord Treacle is the perfect album to put the spring back into your step after what feels like such a long winter. Using samples, looped sound effects, layered instrumentation and their own saccharine harmonies, the songs here all have the same lightness and beauty of listening to a Serge Gainsbourg or Francoise Hardy album--and all without second-guessing your translation, of course.