Snowman - The Horse, The Rat And The Swan [Dot Dash, 2008]

Genre : Indie,Punk,Psychedelic,Chaotic


1.Out Mother (She Remembers)
2.We Are The Plague
3.The Gods Of The Upper House
4.The Blood Of The Swan
5.Daniel Was A Timebomb
6.A Rebirth
7.She Is Turning Into You
8.The Horse (Parts 1 and 2)
9.Diamond Wounds

Perth band Snowman are relocating to London for at least two years after their Australian tour behind their second album, “The Horse, the Rat and the Swan” (Dot Dash). Last year, US journalist Joe Tangari who came down to check Oz talent wrote on the music website Pitchfork Media he was the best act he’d seen during his visit and that they would lead a new wave of "truly unique" Australian rock. They also had a single “You Are A Casino” released in the UK last June through the Passport label.

Getting a UK visa has been easy for the band, given that guitarist Joe McKee was born in the UK, bassist Olga Hermanniusson in Iceland and drummer Ross DiBlasio has Italian ancestry. Being a civil engineer, Indonesian-born guitarist Andy Citawarman found it easy to get a job transfer.