The Jealous Girlfriends - The Jealous Girlfriends (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Pop


1. Machines
2. The Pink Wig to My Salieri
3. Hieroglyphics
4. Gifthorse
5. I Quit
6. The Bucket
7. Organs On The Kitchen Floor
8. Something in the Water
9. Haircut
10. Roboxulla
11. How Now
12. Carry Me

Holly Miranda met Alex Lipsen in 2004 and something clicked. At the time, Holly was playing solo, and Alex was used to being a producer who enjoyed long walks around his studio and talking a lot. Working in an intimate studio environment yielded much experimentation and enjoyment, which is obvious upon first listening to ԃomfortably Uncomfortableծ This Scott Norton (Early Man, CoCo Rosie) engineered debut glimmers with songs about unrequited love, as Holly evokes Billie Holiday and even covers The Smiths. One of the albums brightest gems is “Lay Around,” recently featured on Showtime’s The L Word. Enter Josh Abbott. Originally hired as a drummer, this redhead quickly branched out to co-singer/songwriter, upping the rock element substantially. Together the new trio found a unique sound, mixing Holly’s traditional roots, Alex’s trip-hop reveries, and Josh’s post-punk sensibilities. Night after night on stage, The Jealous Girlfriends developed a sonic cornucopia that was as appealing as it was poignant. The new songs were powerful, but did not lack fragility. In The Deli Magazine, Maria Schettino wrote “Holly’s voice is a subtle rasp with all the elegance of a fine chocolate wrapped in luminous foil. She is arresting.”