Bon Voyage - Lies (2008)

Genre : Indie,New-Wave,Dream-Pop

01 - Monster
02 - Don't Lie
03 - Birthday
04 - Best Friend
05 - Bad Friend
06 - Diary
07 - The Good Life
08 - Girlfriend In A Coma
09 - Bad Dream
10 - LTD
11 - Wake Up, Make Up

Bon Voyage is a side project of Starflyer 59 frontman Jason Martin, with his wife Julie Martin providing the vocals.
They have released three albums on Tooth & Nail Records and two 7” records on Velvet Blue Music.

Not that this frontwoman/wife/mother-of-two for veteran superduo Bon Voyage is anything frightening at first glance. And not that this latest, genius concoction by herself and her producer/songwriter/husband Jason is inherently macabre, morose, or pummeling, at least on the surface. In fact, at first glance, Julie (and Jason) are the sweetest, gentlest, kindest people you would ever want to meet, and their latest LP, at first listen, is just a hopelessly catchy collection of indie pop/dance tracks.

Which it makes it all the more chilling when, on the opening song of the new album , Julie sings, I wish I was a monster. I would hide under the stairs. I wish I was a nightmare. I'd give you a scare. It is as if Bon Voyage are hiding something a bit more than just solid songs underneath the surface...