Ally Kerr - Off The Radar (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Folk


1.Could Have Been Contender
2.Be the One
3.I Think I`m Bleeding
4.There`s a World
5.The Toothbrush Song
6.Off the Radar
7.Old Friehd
8.Is It Too Late to Work for NASA
9.Mestery Star
11.The Truth That I Have Earned

One of Scotland’s fastest-rising songwriters returned to Japan in April 2008 for some shows - the third visit to play there in just four years. Ally Kerr’s success in Japan followed the release of his critically acclaimed debut album, much of which was written on planes, trains and automobiles as Ally travelled between the East Coast of the USA and the West Coast of Scotland. “Calling Out To You” was first released on Japanese label Quince Records and was included in a top Japanese music magazine’s list of top 20 albums ever to come out of Scotland, sitting alongside the works of Orange Juice, Teenage Fanclub and Belle and Sebastian.

During his first-ever headlining tour of Japan, Kerr received word that one of his songs was to feature as the theme tune to a major new Japanese animated TV series Mushishi, based on a hugely popular comic book. The Sore Feet Song was released in Japan as a CD single and his fanbase in far-flung corners of the world is growing rapidly as a result of this exposure. A major karaoke company have added this track to their catalogue and new converts in China, Japan and the USA have been eager to find out more. The series is set to air in at least five more countries and was released on DVD in America last summer.