Adem - Takes (2008)

Genre : Indie,Folk,Rock

01. Bedside Table [Bedhead cover]
02. Oh My Lover [PJ Harvey cover]
03. Slide [Lisa Germano cover]
04. Loro [Pinback cover]
05. Hotellounge (Be The Death Of Me) [dEUS cover]
06. To Cure A Weakling Child + Boy/Girl Song [Aphex Twin cover]
07. Tears Are In Your Eyes [Yo La Tengo cover]
08. Starla [Smashing Pumpkins cover]
09. Gamera [Tortoise cover]
10. Unravel [Björk cover]
11. Invisible Man [The Breeders cover]
12. Laser Beam [Low cover]

Adem Ilhan first came to prominence a few years ago, playing bass in a band called Fridge, alongside Kieran Hebden and popularising what was to become rather dubiously known as 'folktronica'.

Whereas Hebden, in his Four Tet guise, has gone ever more experimental and electronic, his erstwhile band-mate has almost embarked in the opposite direction. Ilhan's third album is more folk than 'tronica', blessed with heartbreakingly pretty melodies.

Takes is a covers album, a concept that seems to have become ever more popular over recent years. Although these sort of albums could be seen as a cynical attempt to tap into the public's seemingly endless appetite for nostalgia, it's obvious that this is a labour of love for Adem.

All the songs here were originally released between 1991 and 2001, and are all numbers that heavily influenced the young Ilhan when growing up and forming his taste in music.