1000 Robota - Hamburg Brennt EP [2008]

Genre : Indie,Post-Punk,Dance


1.Es geht nun mal um etwas
2.Hamburg brennt
3.Lauf lauf Lauf
4.Sachen erleben
5.Wir bauen eine neue Stadt

'...these kids play darkly addictive birthday party floor-killers that don't allow language barriers to get in the way. They play their very first U.K gig in March, where I will be at the front singing along to 'Es geht nun mal um etwas' without having a clue what it means.' Helena Gee, NME, UK

You have been lifted upon angels wings into my heart,
my love for your band is very strong. (Daniel, Black Wire)

The vocals are delivered in a dual assault that is absolutely riveting. It's hard to tell if it's two different people singing (shouting) at once, or if there's some kind of doubling up effect going on. At any rate, it adds to the drama, giving the group a bigger sound that's pretty unique in its execution. The guitars rip out punky power chords while the drums and bass do their little groove thing, and the whole mix just plain works. Chalk it up to German engineering.