The Watson Twins - Fire Songs, 2008.

Genre : Indie,Folk,Pop


1. How Am I To Be 3:05
2. Lady Love Me 3:43
3. Fall 4:02
4. Just Like Heaven 4:17
5. Map To Where You Are 3:59
6. Dig A Little Deeper 3:07
7. Sky Open Up 4:22
8. Bar Woman Blues 4:14
9. Only You 4:13
10.Old Ways 4:21
11.Waves 4:33

The Watson Twins are an American musical group based in Los Angeles with country and folk influences. Named for identical twin sisters Chandra Watson and Leigh Watson, the band includes contributions from Aram Arslanian, Russ Pollard, Jason Soda, and Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley).

Chandra and Leigh were born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, but moved to Silverlake, California in the late 1990s, where they were founding members of and backup singers for local band Slydell. They also began writing their own music and performing with other musicians, including Orphan Train, Joe Firstman, Fairchild, and Rilo Kiley and their singer Jenny Lewis.