The Virgins - The Virgins (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Soul,New-Wave

1. Shes Expensive 2:51
2. One Week Of Danger 2:44
3. Rich Girls 3:02
4. Teen Lovers 2:11
5. Fernando Pando 4:16
6. Murder 3:08
7. Hey Hey Girl 3:12
8. Private Affair 2:49
9. Radio Christiane 2:42
10.Love is Colder Than Death 7:09

The Virgins might be America's answer to the UK's Hard-Fi. Throughout these 10 well-polished, fast-moving tracks, the urge to dance doesn't stop--be it in the form of We Are Scientists' giddy catchiness, The Strokes' cavalier swagger or a Franz Ferdinand-like frantic pace. The music is entertaining and easy enough for the tween scene, but raunchy enough for listeners who remember life in New York's '80s club circuit.

Just as Pulp's "Common People" was driven by a fascination with the wealthy (a female to be exact), The Virgins [ tickets ] give their own examination of bling-donning culture on "Rich Girls" and "She's Expensive." Hard-life experience comes through with lyrics about cocaine brunches, sleeping in parks, casual sex, getting high, growing up and dead acquaintances.