Snailhouse - Lies On The Prize (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Alternative

01. Dollar Signs
02. Not Superstitious
03. Salvation Army
04. Tone Deaf Birds
05. They Wont Believe You
06. Who We Are
07. Mahogany
08. O My God
09. Fire Alarm
10. Blue Sun

Michael Feuerstack has been writing songs for a long time and sadly, most of his catalog goes unheard by the masses. Much like his moniker describes, his songs seems to exist underneath an impenetrable shell that protects the fragile subject matter and hides his existence. Hopefully with the release of Lies on the Prize, that shell is one he will soon outgrow.

Spare. Emotional. Powerful. Much Like fellow Canadian song writing stalwart Hayden, these are words that can be used to describe Feuerstack's past output, but like the Hardwood Records founder, it seems like Feuerstack's musical preference (if not his outlook on life) has become sunnier in the last few years.