The Married Monk - Elephant People (2008)

Genre : Indie,Electronic,French-Pop


2.Merricks Meditations
3.Introducing Prodigies
4.Brother J
5.Me and Me
6.Clementines Song
7.Double Doom
8.Conversation Piece
9.Hail 2 the Hound Man
10.Delphines Angels
11.Elephant People
12.Pretty Lads
13.Clementines Words

The Married Monk are eclectic, imperturbable, imperceptible…
They post a disconcerting diversity… carried by electro pop semi-sparkling with the accents of jazz and disco music. The band combines their slightly skewed approach with superb songwriting and arrangements what makes them the most atypical band with the strongest personality in the French pop scene…