Iowa Super Soccer - Lullabies To Keep Your Eyes Closed (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Alt-Country


1. One Day In The Grass...
2. She
3. The River
4. Screaming
5. Cold
6. Letter To Nowhere
7. Robin Hood
8. Naive Song
9. Let Me Die
10. Live As If You'll Die Tomorrow
11. Tony

ISS are Natalia Baranowska (vocals), Michal Skrzydlo (acoustic guitar and vocals), Marcin Fluder (guitar), Slawek Plotek (percussion) and Blazej Nowicki (bass). Since 2004, they’ve put up a band that brought a sound not common to Poland’s musical scene. We’re talking about pop music and alt-country; melancholic, acoustic and slow.
On their new EP, they’ve lost their innocence and this can be seen on the track The River. The indie catchy pop tunes, mellow and sung so delicately have been adulterated. They’ve been plugged to the current and injected high doses of electricity and percussion into their music.