Ghosty - Answers (2008)

Genre : Indie/Pop/Alternative


01. Dumbo Wins Again
02. You Are A Big Screen
03. Junior Grows Up
04. A Man With Answers
05. Make It Easier
06. A Black-Suited Speech
07. A Good Customer
08. The Underground Factory
09. Like A Bad Lie
10. I Tried
11. I Won't Be Stopped

From their website: A whirl of desperation continues to plague the music industry at large as it stumbles to find its way home after a long night of intoxication on the cheap thrills of teeny pop and date rape rap-metal has begun to wear off. Having lost their bearings and watched bands like The Shins, Death Cab For Cutie and The Arcade Fire come out of “nowhere” (as far as they could tell, but we all know better, don’t we?) and wonder what the future holds for them, labels run around waving their checkbooks furiously to sign infant bands who are , more often than not, underdeveloped (or total charlatans) without doing their due diligence for fear that their competitor across the street will move quicker. Silly rabbit.

Thankfully, the panic hasn’t yet spread from the coasts to the relative isolation of the midwest where artists are able to germinate and grow into a fully-realized talent. And it’s the climate of Lawrence, Kansas that has allowed Ghosty to flourish into something special.