Barth - Cuchillo [2008]

Genre : Indie,Pop,Folk

01. Saliva on my apple
02. Global hero
03. Magic wondermeal
04. Tempête de singes
05. Dead and alive
06. La mâchoire américaine
07. Cuchillo
08. Oh dawning
09. Pretty countdown
10. Customer 5
11. Dogs slip away
12. Doggy fight
13. Omaha boy

This third album, "Cuchillo", takes its name from a Spaghetti Western hero portrayed by Barth’s favourite actor, Tomas Milian. Cuchillo is the antithesis of Superman, but despite himself, is at the centre of the most amazing adventures. He knife duels to eat, robs American sheriffs, attempts to escape the clutches of a pretty young Mexican girl trying to tie him down by marriage. He’s good at making allies, and falling in his feet. Feline allusions of no use here then.
Each of these themes had an influence on Barth when writing this album, with him according the co-writing of one set of lyrics to Claire Burgess (Liverpool), and the writing of another to Francis Basset
"Cuchillo" tells the story of the extraordinary adventures of an altogether human hero. Along the course of the album, Barth begs the question, is a hero without a human dimension really a hero ? And for whom if so ?
Questions aside, "Cuchillo" is a story of shared passions, of loyal friendships and integrity. A blend of pop fashioned for great plains and schizophrenics, surf energy, nostalgic folk ballads, wide-screen chases,
Mahlerian strings, and the habitual dub vibe.

Barth is currently finishing his fourth album, preparing for the forthcoming "Cuchillo" tour with his group, and working with Mike Pelanconi and Hollie Cook on the next Prince Fatty album. To relax, he’s also writing the soundtracks to films that are yet to exist. (Quilleboeuf-sur-Seine).