Magpahi - Magpahi EP (2008)

Genre : Indie,Folk,Experimental

01 - Through The Pine Forest
02 - Spinning Wheel
03 - Clemmin
04 - To Sing With Joy From Out A Sorrowing Heart
05 - Horses In The Night
06 - Friendship

I was already bloody curious for more since I heard Magpahi’s lonely track on the “Bearded Ladies” compilation full of old and new wyrd folk lady birds. Magpahi is the magpie of the ladybirds, is Alison Cooper on vocals, recorders, guitar and harmonium, mostly with participations from Sam McLoughlin from psychfolk band Sam And The Plants (a group which I think also deserves a full release ; I could not even find their 2 EPs yet ; -I only reviewed their demo with these recordings and more on next page-). Alison’s voice, and somewhat also some of her songs, with no doubt is to some degree somewhat Vasthi Bunyan-alike (especially on the lullaby with glockenspiel and guitar, “Horses in the night”). She has this sweet attractive gentleness of a voice, adds old folk-flavours to the songs, works them out well like miniatures, sings them gently like waking-up songs. On “Through the Pine Forest” the guitar sounds very harp-like. On “Clemmin” the harmonium sounds like some sort of automatic instrument (due to recording of the clicking sounds of the playing, -played by Andrew Marshland-), while elsewhere the harmonium is delivering more colouring harmonic undertones, in combination with flute or other instruments. The arrangements are surely done with an ear to harmonies and are well produced and arranged. I wish the lyrics were included, because the songs, even in its relaxed sweet forms, pass very quickly like leaves of roses on the wind. The lyrics on “Clemmin” used an extract from the poem “The Shurat Weaver” by Samuel Laylock (1860) -from which the notes say that this was often sung to the traditional “Rory O’More”-. “To Sing with joy from a Sorrowing Heart” used words by French poet Christine De Pisan (14th-15th century). A beautiful and recommended EP, which I just hope will lead to a full release contract some time later.

Redtrack - Wait Around EP (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,British


1. Wait Around
2. Miss You Not
3. Stuck In This Town
4. Can't Be Arsed

"Essex indie bods REDTRACK delivery a fine slice jagged pop fodder, with a song of everyday beered up dancefloor lust. think sons and daughters meets the wannadies and you'll get the picture. boy/girl vocals with a spikey edge that'll pump the alcohol through your veins on a saturday night on sticky floored clubs up and down the country".

Bon Voyage - Lies (2008)

Genre : Indie,New-Wave,Dream-Pop

01 - Monster
02 - Don't Lie
03 - Birthday
04 - Best Friend
05 - Bad Friend
06 - Diary
07 - The Good Life
08 - Girlfriend In A Coma
09 - Bad Dream
10 - LTD
11 - Wake Up, Make Up

Bon Voyage is a side project of Starflyer 59 frontman Jason Martin, with his wife Julie Martin providing the vocals.
They have released three albums on Tooth & Nail Records and two 7” records on Velvet Blue Music.

Not that this frontwoman/wife/mother-of-two for veteran superduo Bon Voyage is anything frightening at first glance. And not that this latest, genius concoction by herself and her producer/songwriter/husband Jason is inherently macabre, morose, or pummeling, at least on the surface. In fact, at first glance, Julie (and Jason) are the sweetest, gentlest, kindest people you would ever want to meet, and their latest LP, at first listen, is just a hopelessly catchy collection of indie pop/dance tracks.

Which it makes it all the more chilling when, on the opening song of the new album , Julie sings, I wish I was a monster. I would hide under the stairs. I wish I was a nightmare. I'd give you a scare. It is as if Bon Voyage are hiding something a bit more than just solid songs underneath the surface...

Head Like A Kite - There is loud laughter everywhere (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Electronic

1. Intro
2. We Were So Entangled
3. No Ordinary Caveman
4. Listen Young Stunners
5. Big FM Radio Hit
6. Everyday Should Be A Costume Party
7. Daydream Vacation
8. Letting It Go On The Ohio Turnpike
9. Six Bags Of Confetti
10. Keano's Couch
11. Before We Go To Bed
12. Ther Is Loud Laughter Everywhere
13. Roll Credits

Head Like A Kite is Dave Einmo, and his second full-length and first for Mush is an expert blend of electronic rock production and pure pop-song craft built on a bed of pillaged found sound from cities the band visited on their 2006 US tour. Contributors include members of The Long Winters, Smoosh, Radio 4, Crooked Fingers, and Preston School Of Industry. Each track is flavored with the perfect additions to the epic songwriting and big beat electronic production that is Head Like A Kite's forte.

Son, Ambulance - Someone Else's Deja Vu (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Pop

1. A Girl In New York City
2. Legend of Lizeth
3. Quand Tu Marches Seul
4. Wild Roses
5. Horizons
6. Yesterday Morning
7. Constellations
8. And
9. Juliet's Son
10. The Renegade
11. Awakening
12. Someone Else's Deja Vu
13. Requiem for a Planet

As you may have already noticed, we are not accepting friend requests from bands due to the massive amount of imposters who want to flood our page with advertisements. But Wait! We know how to beat that. If you are a band who wants to be our friend, simply message us that you want to be our friend. And then we know that you truly want to be our friend. YAY!!

Good News! We have finished recording our new album Someone Else’s Deja Vu set for release approximately around June! We just returned from playing a few shows down at Sxsw and we are very excited to be back in action. Expect a lot of Son, Ambulance in the near future!!

Sennen - Where The Light Gets In (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Ambient,Shoegaze

1. Blackout
2. Everybody's Loss
3. Your Hand In Mine
4. Just Wanted To Know
5. Here It Is
6. Where The Light Gets In
7. Falling For You
8. Sennen Enjoy Life
9. A Lifetime Passed
10. Fear Home
11. Even Now

Many bands' press releases claim that they are part of a divine rock lineage due to their wide range of musical influences (which usually include "everything from the Beach Boys to Slayer!"), but few bands actually live up to these lofty comparisons. Sennen, however, become an immediate exception to the rule, as the sounds they create on their second album certainly do a good job of paying homage to the obvious influences of post-rock gods like Mogwai.

However, the sonic maturity displayed on Where The Light Gets In indicates that Sennen have come a long way from aping Mogwai. The quartet weaves between psychedelic rock, soft balladry, and uncompromising noise rock to create a varied, enjoyable listening experience. The instruments combine in a seemingly endless aural space with a production value that's through the roof.

It all starts off with the band's strong lead single, Blackout, a tune that features noisy drones, pounding drums, and distorted vocal harmonies that sound like the chants of a religious rite. The cult-like elements are reinforced by a dramatic repetition of the phrase "We'll make a sacrifice" as Interpol-like dark guitars drenched with delay and reverb puncture the track with nervous intensity.

Universal Circus - Hello sunshine! (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Electronic-Gaze


01. BF legend 2:18
02. Side effects of a time machine 2:47
03. Mmmm 2:53
04. Bad trip to Mars 2:27
05. Nonsensical boy 4:01
06. A dance to the music of time 3:18
07. Leccion de claque #2 2:05
08. Difficult year 3:30
09. 12345 2:04
10. Universal deluge 2:17
11. Golden lion 8:12
12. Magnetic word game 4:59

Universal Circus is the project of Jose Lozano and Poncho those already missing Automatics, one of the groups highlighted in the first wave of underground groups homeland of early 90's noise and flag next to The Planets. Formed in Jaen in 2001, following the launch of its first demo (best model year for the listeners of Radio Disc Grande 3 and second best model for the listeners A Journey of Dreams Polar 40 Main), their debut live in Contempopránea Festival in 2003 and Mushroom Pillow recorded for the album "Shinning Light Series."

Now reappear with "Hello! Sunshine, "a device to which you have opened the windows to breathe energy and vitality of the first rays of sun a day. They have realized his speech: the disc is shorter and less dark than the previous one, but retains the sounds neopsicodélicos, guitars suprapedaleadas and science-fiction series B as inspiration, as also happened in the last stage of Automatics. They play with the duality of dreamy space-pop and arrangements sintetitzadores and storm of guitar britpop groups like Six By Seven.

And all this again with the guarantee that entails taking into production Carlos Hernandez, head of sound debut Bizarre Love Triangle. The disc also has collaborated Pedro Cantudo, producer Limousine, Jubilee and Deneuve.

The artwork is the work of the study Barcelona Comte d'Urgell.

Dosh - Wolves and Wishes (2008)

Genre : Indie,Experimental,Electronica,Folk


01.Don't Wait For The Needle To Drop
02.Bury The Ghost
03.If You Want To, You Have To
04.First Impossible
05.Kit And Pearle
07.Food Cycles
08.Keep Up Appearance
09.The Magic Stick
10.Capture The Flag

I think it is about time we stopped referring to Dosh as Andrew Bird’s drummer. That is probably going to sound a little divergent and unnecessary to some readers, but from where I am sitting that is just about all I hear when Dosh comes up. Despite his able contributions to Bird’s already incredible songs, Martin Luther King Chavez Dosh is, in and of himself, a musical genius. Wolves and Wishes, Dosh’s fourth full length album on the Anticon imprint is a testament to this. Continuing in the same direction seasoned listeners have become accustom to, Dosh still manages to deliver the goods and on Wolves and Wishes he is at the top of his game. Something about Dosh’s music, though utterly trained and scrupulously composed, feels beautifully innocent, fresh and inspiring. With dynamic drumming that patters like a drizzle throughout the album and layers of floating synths, Wolves and Wishes is manages to let in bursts of sunlight amidst each song’s individual, tangled complexity. Dosh also recruited some help. Andrew Bird returns the favor by adding his signature violin work to the mix, Will Oldham lends some vocal gibberish to “Bury the Ghost” and former band mates from Fog also contribute to the mix. It is no wonder with a collection of musicians this talented that things turn out so wonderfully, yet even with his friends on board, Wolves and Wishes is distinctly Dosh. With grumbling drones, textured atmospherics, glittered electronic blips and bleeps and probably just about any other instrument you could list off in under thirty seconds, Dosh has created a rambling masterpiece of sorts and definitely the high mark of his recorded output to date.

HitchcockGoHome! - You Can Not Be Serious (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Folk

01. Odd
02. A dawn fo Lanark
03. Something you can't hide
04. Fell off the grid
05. Pale or blue
06. Where you are
07. She's drawing
08. Naked in a crowd
09. Goodbye

French quintet HitchcockGoHome! create superb shoegaze music with the acoustic gothic gloss of 16 Horsepower and Werner Ghost Truck. With a leading role for the banjo on their sophomore album You Can Not Be Serious!... they build their tunes adding one color at the time. She's drawing is a song that takes the listener by the hand, showing him rarely explored back roads of indie music. The lyrics have a ring of detachment to them. You can look, but you can not touch. Like they sing in Odd :

"we look at your odd face
you're not in the right place
we would never know who you are
we would never see where you are"

You Can Not Be Serious!... is an album for the inner circle. Audiophiles and headphone freaks will love it.

Snailhouse - Lies On The Prize (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Alternative

01. Dollar Signs
02. Not Superstitious
03. Salvation Army
04. Tone Deaf Birds
05. They Wont Believe You
06. Who We Are
07. Mahogany
08. O My God
09. Fire Alarm
10. Blue Sun

Michael Feuerstack has been writing songs for a long time and sadly, most of his catalog goes unheard by the masses. Much like his moniker describes, his songs seems to exist underneath an impenetrable shell that protects the fragile subject matter and hides his existence. Hopefully with the release of Lies on the Prize, that shell is one he will soon outgrow.

Spare. Emotional. Powerful. Much Like fellow Canadian song writing stalwart Hayden, these are words that can be used to describe Feuerstack's past output, but like the Hardwood Records founder, it seems like Feuerstack's musical preference (if not his outlook on life) has become sunnier in the last few years.

Monika - Avatar (2008)

Genre : Indie,Acoustic,Classical,Singer-Songwriter

01.Your Favorite
02.Bloody Sth
03.Are You Coming With Us?
07.To No Avail
08.Excuse My Friends
09.Over The Hill
11.I'm Not Young In My Youth
12.Misery Loves Company

A 21 year old student from Athens, Greece. At the age of 5 she started playing the piano and at 10 she bought her first guitar. A little later, she joined an orchestra in order to take saxophone lessons that lasted 5 years. She can also play some accordion and drums. She used to be a member of her brother’s band “Serpentine” where she did some basic vocals and played the electric guitar.

A year later, she came to Athens to study mathematics and started recording some songs in her computer. At the same time, she became a member of “Relevant Box” where she played the saxophone and did backing vocals. In the summer of 2005, she recorded some stuff for “My Wet Calvin” and in February she recorded a saxophone piece for the band “MENTA”. Her first single “Over the Hill” was released in early May 2008 and her debut album “Avatar” in the 19th of the same month.

All tracks written by MONIKA, recorded & arranged by Ottomo, mixed by Ian Caple (Tindersticks, Tricky, Yann Tiersen ), mastered by Ted Jensen (NY Sterling Sound)

Subheim - Approach (2008)

Genre : Indie,Electronica,Ambient

1 Hush (3:12)
2 Ybe 76 (4:42)
3 One Step Before The Exit (5:10)
4 Howl (7:32)
5 Away (6:15)
6 Hollow (6:35)
7 Stranded (5:30)
8 Intact (2:32)
9 Voces Perdidas (5:33)
10 Hollow (Mobthrow Remix) (6:05)
11 One Step Before The Exit (Flaque Remix) (5:38)

Subheim's highly-anticipated debut album 'Approach'. Full of intricate rhythms,deep reverbs, and bitcrushed sounds, combined with pianos, cellos, and beautiful synthwork, 'Approach' delivers the ideal soundtrack for those moments of chaos or melancholy reflections. Haunting melodies and distant voices meet complex beats and luring atmospheres to create a unique blend of dynamics and emotion.

Hailing from Athens is Kostas K’s project SUBHEIM. Kostas is also the co-founder of the brand new Greek label Spectraliquid which promotes innovative art & music and hosts events with important artists from the experimental scene around the globe, The first musical appearance of SUBHEIM was the track ‘Howl’ released on the first Spectraliquid compilation in December 2007. ‘Approach’ is the title of the very first SUBHEIM album which has been released at the beginning of April on Tympanik Audio.

Noah & The Whale - Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down (2008)

Genre : Indie,Folk,Rock

1. 2 Atoms In A Molecule
2. Jocasta
3. Shape Of My Heart
4. Do What You Do
5. Give A Little Love
6. Second Lover
7. 5 Years Time
8. Rocks And Daggers
9. Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down
10. Mary
11. Hold My Hand As I'm Lowered

A hapless rock group consisting of Charlie Fink (vocals/harmonica/guitar/ukele), Tom “Fiddle” Hobden (Fiddle), Urby (Harmonium/Bass), Laura Marling (Backing vocals) and Doug Fink (drums) hits a brick wall with their attempts to get their demo tape played by record label executives. Charlie, on the edge since being thrown out by his girlfriend, decides it’s time to take more serious action, and he leads his bandmates on a mission to invade the local “alternative” rock station, KPPX, and hold it hostage to get the band’s tape played on the air. The station staffers don’t realize that they’re being held with a water gun, and when they finally agree to play the tape, it gets eaten up by a faulty machine.

After a serious of hilarious events, they are able to release their debut single, while serving time in jail. While in jail Charlie befriends a wise convict from New England, who helps him through the difficult early days of his sentence. Charlie soon takes to his role as the jail’s financial wizard, but this attracts dangerous attentions from the warden, who wants him to help launder money through the prison accounts. This leads to murder, abuse and the near destruction of Charlie’s soul, but using his considerable educaton and the power of hope, he escapes and eventually is reunited with his friend, T-bone.

Prototypes - Synthetique (2008)

Genre : Indie,Electroclash,Pop

1. Synthetique
2. Un Coup De Langue
3. Elle
4. Something
5. Go To Hell Mademoiselle
6. Est Ce Que Tu M'aimes?
7. Minimal Animal
8. Clap Your Hands
9. L'amour L'amour L'amour
10. I've Got No Shame
11. Machine Arriere

Prototypes are a Parisian band formed in 2003. Their press release tells me that they make "a joyful and hybrid music, sexily sung in French (mostly), mixing altogether the many influences of the band: from electro-pop, 60s rhythms, folky guitars and sometimes a punk crunch to add to the equation!"

Sounds right up my street!

And for the most part it is. It's an eclectic mix but one that work. I suppose that it's reminiscent of another of my great discoveries, Cansei de ser Sexy. (I say that tongue in cheek boys and girls). The tunes are so instantly catchy that it matters not that I haven't a clue what the singer Bubble Starr is going on about.

Even the track Something manages to stay banging for 7 minutes without getting in the slightest bit boring. I have to admit that I prefer them when they are sticking more to the "electro-pop" vibe and some of the more experimental tracks, whilst interesting, lack the "hit" factor.

KaiserCartel - March Forth (2008)

Genre : Indie,Folk,Alternative

1. Oh No
2. Season Song
3. Traveling Feet
4. The Good Ones
5. The Flood
6. Inside Out
7. Okay
8. The Same
9. Favorite Song
10. The Stars
11. Blue Sky
12. Free Will Zone

Calling KaiserCartel a group is a slight misnomer. A duo made up of real-life couple Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel, both have been veterans of New York’s live scene for years. After slugging it out in groups and as backing musicians (in Kaiser’s case background singer for John Mellencamp) they joined together first as backing musicians for each other and finally melding into this combo that shares their names. Having played as KaiserCartel for an extended period they have now released this, their debut album March Forth.

Recorded with aqualung alumni Matt Hales over 8 days in LA and mixed by Hale and Sigur Ros knobman Ken Thomas, they attempted to translate their live show onto tape without losing any of the live magic and intimacy performing as a duo can bring and trying to capture the couples knack for playing multiple instruments live to create the illusion of more players on stage than just the two.

Benjamin Wetherill - Laura [Ba Da Bing / Red Deer Club, 2008]

Genre : Indie,Folk,Experimental

1. For All The Headlines
2. Ada
3. So Dark The Night
4. Folds In The Curtain
5. Kissing Under Poplars
6. A Willowing
7. Shallow Brown
8. Black Waterside
9. How Lonely The Moon
10. Oh Sorrow

Recorded in a disused 19th-century palace on the outskirts of Budapest, Benjamin Wetherill’s first album captures the intimacy of a delicate Folk idiom along with the innovation of original technique and approach. Wetherill, a Leeds native who has been making his own music for almost a decade, plays intricate fingerpicked guitar passages, and sings with a lilting style unlike anybody recording today. A startling listen for anyone looking for truly talented musicians wholly focused on their own vision.

Wendy Darling - Half Told Bed Time Stories (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Folk

01.Sick End Game
02.Diamond In The Rough
03.Better Than Penelope
04.Green Room
06.We Are
07.The Persistance Of Will
09.Closed Eye Hallucination
10.Pushing Daisies/Marked

"...Wendy Darling, reminiscent of a jazzier, faster-paced Beth Hart. Her steady acoustic rhythm and strong-belted lyrics round out the concert's mix of folk ballads and tenacious rockers."
-Autumn Schuster 'The Guardian'

"I definitely enjoyed [Wendy Darling's] music. Frente meets Nelly McKay." -Heather Kohos, The Roxy - Director of Marketing/Promotions

The Thirst - On The Brink (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,British

1. They Don't Know
2. Ready To Move
3. Sail Away
4. My Everything
5. I'm Falling
6. Acre Lane
7. Watch Me Now
8. I Believe
9. All Mine
10. On The Brink
11. Don't Waste Your Time

Meet brothers Mensah and Kwame Cofi-Agyeman. Teenage tearaways growing up in Brixton, south London. Younger brother Mensah finds escape from the temptations of city life by experimenting. But while his peers experiment with drugs, gang culture and petty crime, he finds inspiration a cheap electric guitar bought for him by his parents. His brother borrows some cash and buys a bass, and the core of The Thirst is born. Completing the line up are primary school friend and rhythm guitarist Mark Lenihan, and cheeky drummer Marcus Harris.???”We were pretty much bumming up,” Mensah says now of those first band rehearsals. “I started playing now and again and got these three round just smoking and trying to stay off the road. My mum allowed us all to come round her house and chill out. She’d rather that than us hanging on the corner smoking weed.”
The band took what instruments they could to find a sound. They were influenced by both their parents’ old punk records and Hendrix, but also the drum n’ bass and hip hop coming out of Brixton. ???? The buzz began, and local gigs followed. The infamous Brixton Dogstar one night, the uber-cool Notting Hill Arts Club the next, The Thirst built their fan base the old fashioned way, with relentless gigging across the capital they love. Up to six shows per week. And it was to pay off in a big way.

The Virgins - The Virgins (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Soul,New-Wave

1. Shes Expensive 2:51
2. One Week Of Danger 2:44
3. Rich Girls 3:02
4. Teen Lovers 2:11
5. Fernando Pando 4:16
6. Murder 3:08
7. Hey Hey Girl 3:12
8. Private Affair 2:49
9. Radio Christiane 2:42
10.Love is Colder Than Death 7:09

The Virgins might be America's answer to the UK's Hard-Fi. Throughout these 10 well-polished, fast-moving tracks, the urge to dance doesn't stop--be it in the form of We Are Scientists' giddy catchiness, The Strokes' cavalier swagger or a Franz Ferdinand-like frantic pace. The music is entertaining and easy enough for the tween scene, but raunchy enough for listeners who remember life in New York's '80s club circuit.

Just as Pulp's "Common People" was driven by a fascination with the wealthy (a female to be exact), The Virgins [ tickets ] give their own examination of bling-donning culture on "Rich Girls" and "She's Expensive." Hard-life experience comes through with lyrics about cocaine brunches, sleeping in parks, casual sex, getting high, growing up and dead acquaintances.

Calico Horse - Mirror (2008)

Genre : Indie,Experimental,Psychedelic

1. All We've Left to Do Ia Pay the 2:00
2. Awake in the Clouds 3:42
3. Happy Placebo Syringe Day 4:30
4. Onomatopoeia 4:14
5. Father Feed Me 2:52
6. Interlude 5 1:49
7. A.J. 3:15
8. Gold 2:05
9. Rush of This 3:19
10. Hi Fi Plane Ride 2:51
11. Colors 3:56
12. Wheat 2:39
13. Goodnight 2:47

Born out of the ashes of the now retired band The Clock Work Army, Calico Horse is a new line-up, but has lost none of its song writing prowess due to the fact that it is still fronted by Clock Work’s singer and co-songwriter, Emily Neveu. Following Clock Work’s EP A Catalyst for Change, Emily and guitarist Scott Wheeler began writing the songs that were to be Clock Work’s first full length album. Catalyst was a huge success and created a kinetic energy that came as a bit of a surprise for the fledgling band. Within a few months, they were consistently selling out shows, gaining more and more momentum as the word spread across the city that these guys (and gal) were special and seeing them was important. Requests were coming in from established venues to open for larger nationally touring acts; the highlight being Akron/Family.

Not long after the build-up, Scott Wheeler moved to Portland and Emily was left to finish the album all by her lonesome. Luckily, she had the help of producer extraordinaire, Pall Jenkins, best known for leading The Black Heart Procession. Together, the two of them crafted an album that is equal parts haunting as it is amazing. Jenkins helped Emily to step outside herself and view things from his somewhat beautifully warped approach to song writing.

Cloetta Paris - Secret Eyes (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Disco

1. Did We Collide?
2. Secret Eyes
3. Broken Heart Tango
4. Already Missing You
5. Breakdown
6. I Miss You, Someone
7. So Serious (ELO cover)
8. Beat Street
9. Young Girls In Town
10. Arabian Nights

No fair! Sweden already gave us one Italo disco princess, Sally Shapiro. Just a few months after Shapiro wrapped her wintry voice around our hearts with debut album Disco Romance, singer Cloetta Paris springs out of Stockholm to give us another icy slab of Italo-tinged synth-pop. "Take me back home/ To Paris and Rome," Paris-- if that is her real name-- whispers on an oohing, ah-ing chorus of "I Miss You Someone". Roger Gunnarsson of now-defunt Swedish twee-poppers Nixon plays the role of Shapiro producer Johan Agebjörn here, surrounding Paris with sparse dance beats and chopping up her vocals. If Nixon rings a bell, you might remember Shapiro's "Anorak Christmas", which, fittingly enough, was a cover of a Gunnarsson tune. Sure, Paris enters an increasingly crowded field, given recent Italo-inspired greatness from acts like Glass Candy and Chromatics, but Gunnarsson's indie pop touch sets the track apart from the darker electro of the Italians Do It Better set.

Gentle Touch - In Memory of Savannah (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Electronic,Synth-Pop

1. Expectation
2. The Finer Arts
3. The View
4. Once You Used To
5. Sonnenfinsternis
6. On the Verge of Tears
7. Spikgatan - Margareta Plan
8. Pieter Van Den Hoogenband

Now, there's a little Swedish band you might have heard of called 'Gentle Touch' - if you've been to one of my semi-legendary dinner parties, that is. They're hot property in my palatial Pimlico kitchen right now. Everybody who comes over wants to leave with my Gentle Touch album, 'In Memory of Savannah' - 100% fact. But I just can't seem to let go of it.

I only play brilliant music, particularly with the thought of aiding digestion at the back of my mind. And yet this is the one album that everybody comments on - that nobody wants me to turn down so they can enthuse about my flambéd squid or quiz me over the preparatory techniques for my Fly Agaric soufflé.

There's no denying that at first listen this sounds like a Best of the 80s compilation album. (A damn good one, mind.) Listeners often ask "Is this A-ha?" during 'Expectations', or "Is this Depeche Mode?" during 'The View'.

Action Biker - Hesperian Puisto (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Electronica

1. Intro
2. Love For Sure
3. By Myself
4. Tavaststjarnegatan
5. Refridgerator
6. La Duree
7. Hesperian Puisto
8. A Tiger In My Garden
9. I Look Out For You
10. Dance To Keep From Crying
11. ICA Lappis
12. Too Much Distance
13. Frosty Snow Winter
14. A Fight

It really is time for Action Biker’s first solo album! It has now been six years since she emerged as an artist doing fun and popular live shows and releasing CD-R’s in the indie pop scene of Gothenburg, Sweden, which included people like Jens Lekman and The Honeydrips. Since then, Sarah Nyberg Pergament has been involved in other projects, such as Flow Flux Clan, Kissing Mirrors and The Dreamers, whose record “Day For Night” has received great acclaim from different places around the world. Over the years, Sarah has also performed lots of Action Biker shows (some, as an opening act for Le Tigre and The Embassy), contributed to recordings with Lars Blek (The Field), Differnet and The Honeydrips, and all this time, new recordings with Action Biker have popped up on compilations and singles.

In brief, when “Hesperian Puisto” finally is released, it means the début of someone with a lot of experience… The record is named after the Hesperian park in Helsinki, Finland, where Sarah lived for a while. She describes her music as baroque on synthesizers. It is pop music built on complex naivety – altogether very accessible music with distinct vocals and a crispy, sweet, analogue sound. Two great-looking videos are also included on the CD.

Things in Herds - Nothing is Lost [2008]

Genre : Indie,Folk,Acoustic

01. Once Were
02. As You Were Ending
03. That's All
04. Nothing is Lost
05. If Nothing Means a Thing
06. Something to Do
07. Quiet Enough
08. Before You Go
09. You Know
10. Where Do We Go?
11. (Exclusive limited edition track)

Nothing is Lost is the fourth album by the Brighton based duo Things in Herds. For the most part the songs are written by Pete Lush and Miss Ping creates the peculiar images. They are far-flung members of the Fife based Fence Collective, with whom they released their previous album 'Everything Has to End Somewhere'.
Nothing is Lost

" ...cut-glass precision ...lip quivering beauty ...heartrendingly exquisite intimacy this wonderful record." - The Times

"lovelier than most will ever achieve ...this is a piece of music deserved of wide appreciation. ...a great album for the head and the heart." - Clickmusic

"...near-perfect warm and enveloping melancholy" - Soundsxp

"Expertly understated ...a beauty built upon intertwining guitar picking patterns and the hammers of a piano somewhere dropping as if by the grace of gravity alone in all the perfect places."- Maverick

"lovely to listen to....Warm, gentle and quietly melancholic....Definitely worth a late night listen." Clash Magazine

"the adherence to letting the songs, rather than the production, strike the emotional chord is Things In Herds' trump card." - The Skinny

Barth - Cuchillo [2008]

Genre : Indie,Pop,Folk

01. Saliva on my apple
02. Global hero
03. Magic wondermeal
04. Tempête de singes
05. Dead and alive
06. La mâchoire américaine
07. Cuchillo
08. Oh dawning
09. Pretty countdown
10. Customer 5
11. Dogs slip away
12. Doggy fight
13. Omaha boy

This third album, "Cuchillo", takes its name from a Spaghetti Western hero portrayed by Barth’s favourite actor, Tomas Milian. Cuchillo is the antithesis of Superman, but despite himself, is at the centre of the most amazing adventures. He knife duels to eat, robs American sheriffs, attempts to escape the clutches of a pretty young Mexican girl trying to tie him down by marriage. He’s good at making allies, and falling in his feet. Feline allusions of no use here then.
Each of these themes had an influence on Barth when writing this album, with him according the co-writing of one set of lyrics to Claire Burgess (Liverpool), and the writing of another to Francis Basset
"Cuchillo" tells the story of the extraordinary adventures of an altogether human hero. Along the course of the album, Barth begs the question, is a hero without a human dimension really a hero ? And for whom if so ?
Questions aside, "Cuchillo" is a story of shared passions, of loyal friendships and integrity. A blend of pop fashioned for great plains and schizophrenics, surf energy, nostalgic folk ballads, wide-screen chases,
Mahlerian strings, and the habitual dub vibe.

Barth is currently finishing his fourth album, preparing for the forthcoming "Cuchillo" tour with his group, and working with Mike Pelanconi and Hollie Cook on the next Prince Fatty album. To relax, he’s also writing the soundtracks to films that are yet to exist. (Quilleboeuf-sur-Seine).

Oxford Collapse - Bits (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Experimental

01. Electric Arc
02. The Birthday Wars
03. Vernon-Jackson
04. Young Love Delivers
05. Back of the Yards
06. A Wedding
07. Featherbeds
08. For the Winter Coats
09. Men and Their Ideas
10. Children's Crusade
11. John Blood
12. B-Roll
13. I Hate Nobody

Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Oxford Collapse will unleash another disc of jangly indie rock when their fourth album, Bits, is released by Sub Pop Records on Aug. 5.

Singer/guitarist Michael Pace, bassist Adam Rizer and drummer Dan Fetherston recorded the album in chunks in various locations last year with Chad Metheny and former Don Caballero and current Brothers member Eric Emm. The band whittled the disc's 13 tunes down from 30 songs they had written for possible inclusion on the album. They still didn't have lyrics for many of the songs when they hit the studio.

"The Birthday Wars" can be previewed on Oxford Collapse's MySpace page.

Oxford Collapse formed in 2002 and released a self-titled EP that year. Their Some Wilderness full-length debut followed two years later. A Good Ground came out in 2005 and their most recent LP is 2006's Remember The Night Parties. The band have also released a handful of vinyl seven- and 12-inch singles.

The Superimposers - Harpsichord Treacle (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Oldish

1. Anymore
2. The Northern Song
3. Make It All Better
4. Autumn Falls
5. Golden
6. All Your Memories
7. Kicking Around
8. Holes In the Air
9. Hand Me Downs
10. Special
11. Twilight

"Oozing from your i-Pod like treacle from a Harpsichord" The Supimposers are a London, UK duo comprised of composers and sound experimentalists Miles Copeland and Dan Warden (Dan is currently also releasing songs under the name Dan Solo) who have been working together as well as collaborating and remixing several artists, including; Jose Gonzalez, The Sables, Zooey, and Brooklyn NY's Au Revoir Simone, to name a few. Beginning in the early 2000s up until now, The Superimposers have released three of their own albums to date, as well as several singles, and remixes. Using the name of their company web site ( to launch their own imprint; the aptly named "Wonderfulsound" label, this past year, and with the completion of their wonderful sounding album, Harpsichord Treacle this is undoubtedly their most personal release to date.

A warm mish-mash of psychedelia, Beach Boys' inspired harmonies, and swinging orchestration; Harpsichord Treacle is the perfect album to put the spring back into your step after what feels like such a long winter. Using samples, looped sound effects, layered instrumentation and their own saccharine harmonies, the songs here all have the same lightness and beauty of listening to a Serge Gainsbourg or Francoise Hardy album--and all without second-guessing your translation, of course.

Wolf Tickets - Milk Moon (CDR) 2008

Genre : Indie,Folk,Acoustic,Experimental

1. On My Most Glamourous Days 3:01
2. Islands 3:05
3. Blue 6:50
4. September 3:41
5. West 4:37
6. Any Religion That Kills Me Is Good 2:50
7. [Seven Hands] 1:48
8. People In My Sleep 3:14
9. Foghorn 2:57
10. (Sugar) 1:58
11. My Disappearing Act 5:16
12. Like Mary M 4:30
13. [Summer Leaves] 3:19
14. Window 3:26
15. Live Near Your Skin 4:09
16. How It Felt 3:40
17. Dust Afternoon 6:55
18. Rock In My Shoe 13:16

All I can say is at times it sounds like quiet ambient folk that you would expect to hear from a cabin in a cold town in the middle of nowhere. Similar to something one would hear on Marriage Records, States Rights, K Records or a handful of DIY labels (Now Hereness, Lost Sound Tapes, Blank Tapes and Records, Stop Drop Records). Other times it is more ambient electronic, similar again to those labels. Definitely DIY but still professional sounding. Sometimes it reminds me of some early 90s lofi/alternative bands. The vocals remind me of Lou Reed sometimes. Definitely for fans of Mount Eerie / The Microphones, Fire Island AK, Sneakypines, At Night, Cole Milner / Cole Miller Island, Sebadoh / Lou Barlow, Thanksgiving. He is from Brussels, and describes himself as Alternative / Experimental / Acoustic.

Daedelus - Love To Make Music To (2008)

Genre : Indie,Electronic,Pop,Hip-Hop

01 Fair Weather Friends
02 Touchtone (feat. Paperboy and Taz)
03 Twist The Kids (feat. N’fa)
04 Get Off Your HiHats
05 My Beau (feat. Erika Rose and Paperboy)
06 Make It So (feat. Michael Johnson)
07 Only For The Heatstrings
08 I Car(ry) Us
09 I Took Two
10 Assembly Lines
11 Bass In It (feat. Taz)
12 Hrs:Mins:Secs
13 If We Should (feat. Laura Darlington)
14 Drummery Jam
15 You're The One (feat. Om'mas Keith)

1893. Chicago. The World’s Fair to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ discovery of America opens. In the entourage of one Nikola Tesla, the renogade pioneer of modern electricity, travels Alfred Darlington, a young inventor from Los Angeles.

On only the second day of the fair, Darlington is electrocuted in a terrible accident, pronounced dead and taken to the morgue. Two days later, an attendent there hears knocking from one of the drawers where the corpses are kept. Armed with a shotgun and whisky he opens the drawer to find the young Alfred not only alive and well but babbling about a future worlds he has visited and asking that everyone now calls him “DAEDELUS”.

Tesla, both relieved that the boy has survived and embarrassed by the accident, allows him the run of his workshops. Over the next six months of the Fair, he devotes his time to building strange electronic instruments and on the very last night of the Fair presents the Love To Make Music To Symphony, which, he claims, is the sound he heard in the future.

The events of the performance are shrouded in secrecy – widely believed to be a result of a cover-up by government and the vested commercial interests who had most to gain from the Fair’s success. The few reports which have filtered out say that people go mad as they listen to the strange, alien sounds the young composer describes as “music”, that they scream, laugh, pull off their clothes, have sex with each other and themselves, fall into reveries and shout of “the hills, the beautiful hills”. Daedelus himself is dragged from the stage and detained indefinitely in a mental hospital in Chicago and stays there until his mysterious disappearance on May 29th 1913, incidentally the night of the riots in Paris at the first performance of Stravinsky’s Rites of Spring.

Poni Hoax - Images Of Sigrid (2008)

Genre : Indie,Electroclash,Pop

01. The Paper Bride
02. The Bird Is On Fire
03. Pretty Tall Girls
04. Antibodies
05. Images Of Sigrid
06. You're Gonna Miss My Love
07. Crash-Pad Driver
08. My Own Private Vietnam
o9. The Soundtrack Of Your Fears
10. Hypercommunication
11. You Of The Broken Hands
12. All Things Burn
13. Faces In The Water

Poni Hoax is a five man army of «jeunes gens modernes», bookworm musicians and extremely talented composers.
Their lead vocalist, Nicolas Ker tackles an ambitious and unique style that walks the thin line between a decadent Morrissey or an elegiac Jim Morrisson. This quizzical dandy with an exotic touch (born from French-Cambodian parents in Egypt).

The symbiosis he shares with the band’s lead composer, Laurent Bardainne, can be equated with that formerly uniting Carl Barat and Pete Doherty with maturity on top.
Next to this ubiquitous duo, Arnaud Roulin (keyboard/bass), Nicolas Villebrin (guitar) and Vincent Taeger (drums), partners in crime and über-accomplished musicians who have co-oped with the gotha of French « variétés » (Feist, Romain Humeau, Dave! etc.).
Together they fuel the fire of an irridescent musical flame laced with infectious, nearly fatal melodies.

King Creosote - They Flock Like Vulcans to See Old Jupiter Eyes on His Home Craters (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Folk

1 On Esther's Planet
2 No One Had It Better
3 Ear Against the Wireless
4 Houston Tharoule
5 A Mighty Din of 'What If!'
6 Think Elephant
7 Dead Mouse Diary
8 44 BC
9 Home Creatures
10 The Minter Scale
11 It's Going to End in Tears
12 All Mine

Albums with preposterously long titles, hmm. Have we learned nothing from Fiona Apple, people? It’s a genuine surprise release, this, with KC’s recent album still warm on the shelves of the nation’s record shops and the squeals of the betrayed folkies still ringing in our ears.
He’s always been a prolific little minstrel, has Kenny, and I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that this record follows so hard on the heels of the previous one (it was probably half-written before that one even came out). In the sense that Bombshell came across as a release from the shackles of years of home-recorded low-fi releases, this one can’t help but give the impression of a similar reaction to the Big Pop Record that was Bombshell.

Atlas Sound - Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Psychedelic,Experimental,Shoegaze

01. A Ghost Story
02. Recent Bedroom
03. River Card
04. Quarantined
05. On Guard
06. Winter Vacation
07. Cold As Ice
08. Scraping Past
09. Small Horror
10. Ready, Set, Glow
11. Bite Marks
12. After Class
13. Ativan
14. Let The Blind Lead Those Who See But Cannot Feel

Atlas Sound is the name of a musical solo project of Bradford Cox, the lead singer of Atlanta five-piece Deerhunter. Cox was born in Athens, Georgia in 1982 and has Marfan Syndrome. The singer has released an album entitled “Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel” on indie-label Kranky to favorable reviews. In explaining his reasoning for a solo project, Cox has stated, “It’s just that I have ideas that I can’t make work with a five piece rock band…there’s kind of this palette of sounds that I use that I don’t necessarily get to use with Deerhunter”. Cox has noted his heroes to be Ricky Wilson from The B-52’s and Laura Carter from Athens punk band the Bar-B-Q Killers. Cox is openly gay, and claims to be a virgin.

Cox met his collaborator and best friend, Lockett pundt, in high school. He started recording on a cassette karaoke machine in 1994 when he was in sixth grade. He has used the name “Atlas Sound” since then, as it was the name of the company that manufactured the tape machine. Cox has also recorded as part of other bands, such as the short lived “Wet Dreams”, an all-girl garage / noise band in which he played drums. He also recorded several tracks on the Black Lips second album “We Did Not Know the Forest Spirit Made the Flowers Grow”, playing drums on the song “Notown Blues” from that album.

Adem - Takes (2008)

Genre : Indie,Folk,Rock

01. Bedside Table [Bedhead cover]
02. Oh My Lover [PJ Harvey cover]
03. Slide [Lisa Germano cover]
04. Loro [Pinback cover]
05. Hotellounge (Be The Death Of Me) [dEUS cover]
06. To Cure A Weakling Child + Boy/Girl Song [Aphex Twin cover]
07. Tears Are In Your Eyes [Yo La Tengo cover]
08. Starla [Smashing Pumpkins cover]
09. Gamera [Tortoise cover]
10. Unravel [Björk cover]
11. Invisible Man [The Breeders cover]
12. Laser Beam [Low cover]

Adem Ilhan first came to prominence a few years ago, playing bass in a band called Fridge, alongside Kieran Hebden and popularising what was to become rather dubiously known as 'folktronica'.

Whereas Hebden, in his Four Tet guise, has gone ever more experimental and electronic, his erstwhile band-mate has almost embarked in the opposite direction. Ilhan's third album is more folk than 'tronica', blessed with heartbreakingly pretty melodies.

Takes is a covers album, a concept that seems to have become ever more popular over recent years. Although these sort of albums could be seen as a cynical attempt to tap into the public's seemingly endless appetite for nostalgia, it's obvious that this is a labour of love for Adem.

All the songs here were originally released between 1991 and 2001, and are all numbers that heavily influenced the young Ilhan when growing up and forming his taste in music.

The Foxglove Hunt - Stop Heartbeat [2008]

Genre : Indie,Synth-Pop,Electronica,New-Wave

1. A Concealed Weapon
2. Strength Early
3. Business Casual
4. The Life Highrise
5. The Mayflower Compact
6. Its Not Effective
7. Thats Getting Personal
8. Love My Way
9. Dont I Know the Way
10. The Pure in Heart

The Foxglove Hunt is a project featuring Rob Withem (Fine China) and Ronnie Martin (Joy Electric). Formed in 2006, the band’s first release was a single, release d on a 3.5 floppy disc, it was followed in March 2008 by their debut full length (“Stop Heartbeat”)

These guys are like a perfect combination of catchy old New Order with a singer that sounds a little bit like Ronnie from Joy Electric, or even Claude from Anything Box here and there The songs are catchy and memorable, with an 80's flavor that makes it feel like it could have been a hit (and SHOULD be a hit now). Speaking of 80's hits, they do include a nice cover version of "Love My Way".

John & Jehn - John & Jehn (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Experimental

1. DOM
2. Fear Fear Fear
3. Love Me
4. I Can See You
5. The Fall
6. You Far Away
7. 20 L 07
8. Lady Spider
9. Survive
10. 1 2 3

Jack’n’Meg, Ike’n’Tina, Pete’n’Carl… couples in bands always make better music when they’re squabbling. Maybe London-based French duo John & Jehn should cut to the fights because, as it stands, this debut is all a bit too cosy. Infatuation has deafened them to the fact that neither partner can sing: John’s can’t-be-arsed drawl will sound cool only to someone who’s never heard Richard Hell while Jehn attacks her vocals with more conviction but even less accuracy. When their cute, garagey guitar squalls and primitive organ grooves come together, as on ‘Fear Fear Fear’ or the spindly Cramps-esque boogie of ‘Lady Spider’, it’s more by accident than design and Ipso Facto summon a similar atmosphere with more style and poise. John & Jehn probably imagine themselves as Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Bonnie And Clyde’, when in reality they’re more like the indie-goth Richard & Judy.

Iowa Super Soccer - Lullabies To Keep Your Eyes Closed (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Alt-Country


1. One Day In The Grass...
2. She
3. The River
4. Screaming
5. Cold
6. Letter To Nowhere
7. Robin Hood
8. Naive Song
9. Let Me Die
10. Live As If You'll Die Tomorrow
11. Tony

ISS are Natalia Baranowska (vocals), Michal Skrzydlo (acoustic guitar and vocals), Marcin Fluder (guitar), Slawek Plotek (percussion) and Blazej Nowicki (bass). Since 2004, they’ve put up a band that brought a sound not common to Poland’s musical scene. We’re talking about pop music and alt-country; melancholic, acoustic and slow.
On their new EP, they’ve lost their innocence and this can be seen on the track The River. The indie catchy pop tunes, mellow and sung so delicately have been adulterated. They’ve been plugged to the current and injected high doses of electricity and percussion into their music.

My Federation - Don't Wanna Die (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Psychedelic,Synth


1. Don’t Wanna Die
2. Open My Eyes
3. What Gods Are These
4. It All Comes Clear
5. Nothing To Say
6. Honey Bee
7. Rising Light
8. Party Offender
9. Paper And String
10. Tom Tom
11. Honey For The Soul
12. Somethings Gotta Give

DESCRIBING themselves as “psychedelic electro rock with balls and bells”, Brighton-based My Federation have certainly delivered a ball-busting debut album in Don’t Wanna Die.
Spearheaded by the funky singles Don’t Wanna Die and Honey Bee, it’s a heady brew of lusty vocal harmonies, juicy ananlogue synths, pulsating guitars and choruses that are so catchy they’re made for singing along with.
Best of all, they’re shamefully enjoyable, combining the brashness of Oasis with the melodies of The Beach Boys and the kick ass funkiness of Kasabian.
Fronted by Lee ‘Muddy’ Baker, who gave up forging fine paintings and thieving cars to join the band, My Federation are unaplogetically eclectic and cite influences as wide and as inspired as The Flaming Lips, Super Furry Animals, Led Zeppelin, Daft Punk and Stevie Wonder.
Baker’s laidback, almost psychedelic vocals provide wonderful accompaniment to the electronic flourishes and finger-clicking beats that accompany most of their music. The choral “don’t leave me behind” plea kickstarting title track Don’t Wanna Die proving particularly effective in ensuring that the song becomes one of the instant album highlights.

But the scuzzy bassline and high-energy melody of Open My Eyes is just as enticing, complete with its “ba, ba, ba”-heavy chorus and bombastic guitar riffs.

Gameboy/Gamegirl - Golden Ghetto Sex EP (2008)

Genre : Indie,Electro,Break-Beat,Nu-Rave


1. Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp
2. Fruit Salad
3. Pumps & Rumps
4. Discohouse
5. I Get In The Club
6. Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp (Ooh-Ee Remix)
7. Pumps & Rumps (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
8. Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp (G.L.O.V.E.S. RMX)

They’ve been described as ‘bubble gum pop’, but these Triple J Unearthed winners from 2007 transcend any such throwaway clichés with blinding ease. Having already played alongside Riot In Belgium, Muscles, Bang Gang etc at Parklife and with pop starlet Robyn, as well as at Good Vibrations & the Big Day Out, it’s clear why GB/GG are one of the hottest local properties to emerge in the last 12 months. This debut EP features 3 versions of the club and festival favourite ‘Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp’ plus 4 new tracks.

If Kid Sister had a Kid Sister or if Spank Rock needed a brother, Gameboy/Gamegirl would be welcome at their dinner table anytime. They also have the honour of kicking off proceedings for the WETTEST AND NEWEST LABEL - SWEAT IT OUT, “the best in towel music” a home for the more indie side of dance music, and the almost unclassifiable but brilliant electro/rock/dance/hybrid crossover sounds that Australia and the world have to offer. With Australia’s top DJ and certified pop culture icon Ajax at the helm, Sweat It Out is set to…make dancefloors wet everywhere.

Morgan Geist - Double Night Time (2008)

Genre : Electronica,Dance,Pop


01 detroit
02 the shore
03 nocebo
04 most of all
05 skyblue pink
06 ruthless city
07 palace kife
08 city of smoke and flame
09 lullaby

Metro Areas Morgan Geist will release his second solo album in September on Environ.

Featuring vocals from Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys, Double Night Time will undoubtedly have a poppier bent than its 1997 predecessor The Driving Memoirs. And the press release accompanying the album promises as much, claiming that the album indulges his own early influences and guilty pleasures: techno-pop, prog rock and pure electronic music. Prog rock? Well just have to wait and see what that means.

Judging by his latest solo work-and the recent boogie turn of Metro Area-were expecting fully orchestrated epics that should work just as well in the home as they will in the club. With Greenspan listed as a co-writer of City of Smoke and Flame, well place our bets on that one as the inevitable pre-album single.

Buy me if you love me :)

These Modern Socks - Picking A Lock At The Speed Of Light (2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Electronica


1. No One's Gonna Miss Me
2. Dilemma
3. Worry Free Lifestyle
4. Picking A Lock At The Speed Of Light
5. Space Bars
6. Escape Pod
7. Where I Came From
8. Wooden
9. To Nasa
10. On The Moon

Built in a spare room, forged in keys and distortion, These Modern Socks push jittery keyboard lines, stop and go drums and a combination of electric and acoustic guitar into a well crafted, synth/guitar-pop work of art. The quintet is an eclectic combination of extremely well versed musicians of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
Recording nearly the entire album in a spare room in his home, Corey Palmer (guitar/keys/vox) took his vision of the perfect pop record and put it to tape. He opted to enlist the talents of his former Daykit band mates, Nick Tveitbakk (keys/samples/back-up vox) and Aaron “Al” Bergstrom (bass/back-up vox). Still looking to expand the sound of the ensemble, the group recruited Twin Cities’ scene veterans Park Evans (electric guitar) and JT Bates (drums).

“It’s groove-worthy but sophisticated, delighting the speakers with a healthy range of soft piano ballads and cathartic rants.” - CITY PAGES

Oh Astro - Champions Of Wonder (2007)

Genre : Indie,Electronica,Glitch


1. Snow Queen
2. Hello Fuji Boy
3. Lucy Sees the Moon
4. Candy Sun Smiles
5. Empty Air
6. Xanadu
7. Journey to the Center
8. Itch Box
9. Robot Love I Love You
10. Quiet Mouth
11. Pet Apples

In the ever-changing landscape of specific samples use in music, Illegal Art label represent a constant artistic challenge to copyright and its zealots. His roots are deep in plagiarism first and then mashup, that have extensively generated a myriad of sound works crafted with the attitude of sampling as art. Oh Astro (Jane Dowe and Hank Hofler) are one of the leading label acts and in their previous 'Hello World' they already proved their elegant sinuous skills of sequencing of according sound fragments. In this album the vocal manipulation software coded by Dowe is used with some virtuous peaks (like in 'Hello Fuji Boy' that features a sample from Lionel Richie's love song 'Hello') with sharp cuttings and perfect timing. More accessible than the previous works, the album, featuring a cover by Terre Themlitz using drawings by Aiko Tsuji is a brilliant example of experimental equilibrium. The consequent pop flavored result is enchanting, even in the interludes or the more glitchy tracks. A fresh listening experience, that is joyously treating commercial music as it deserves: an inspiring source.

SJ Esau - Small Vessel (Anticon, 2008)

Genre : Indie,Pop,Folk


1. -
2. Frustrating
3. Small Vessel
4. Bastard Eyes
5. I Threw A Wobbly
6. Under Certain Things
7. Bubblehead
8. -
9. Ruddy Spark
10. The Small Percent
11. Slate
12. Depth Perception Lack
13. Human Annoyed
14. -
15. What Happen'd

On his second album for Anticon, Bristolian rock collagist SJ Esau, or Sam Wisternoff, tightens his playful, genre-bounding compositions even as he brings in a cast of collaborators to amplify his singular vision. While 2006’s Wrong Faced Cat Feed Collapse smartly played to its own contrasts, Small Vessel melds its diverse moods and styles into a buoyant, bold and cohesive whole, making for an album both utterly post-modern and curiously epic despite its humble means.

From a tics-and-all series of vocal drills chopped into rhythmic bits, “Frustrating” is born. The album’s first song quickly congeals into cresting waves of orchestral pop by way of little more than guitars and drums, with Sam spinning humorous images about obsessive behavior in his lilting croon (the chorus triumphantly promising to ring “Pavlov’s bell ’til the dog dehydrates”). Everything plays bigger and brighter this time, with even the 18-second title track sounding grandly choral as it runs up against the bouncing pastoral sounds of the turntable- and viola-laden “Bastard Eyes.” “I Threw A Wobbly” tosses bells, trumpet, soloing guitar and what sounds like the disembodied bark of Cee-Lo Green into the Wisternoff blender, and somehow it all comes out smooth and near danceable. Next, “Under Certain Things” lays down a warm, slowing bedrock of static and acoustics, as Sam and Charlotte Nichols (who also plays cello here, and on Portishead’s latest) sing about what could be bugs hiding under bricks, but what feels like some fleeting aspect of the human condition. And on “Bubblehead,” Sam belts out the woes of a claustrophobic shut-in over surging, sample-strewn folk.