Things in Herds - Nothing is Lost [2008]

Genre : Indie,Folk,Acoustic

01. Once Were
02. As You Were Ending
03. That's All
04. Nothing is Lost
05. If Nothing Means a Thing
06. Something to Do
07. Quiet Enough
08. Before You Go
09. You Know
10. Where Do We Go?
11. (Exclusive limited edition track)

Nothing is Lost is the fourth album by the Brighton based duo Things in Herds. For the most part the songs are written by Pete Lush and Miss Ping creates the peculiar images. They are far-flung members of the Fife based Fence Collective, with whom they released their previous album 'Everything Has to End Somewhere'.
Nothing is Lost

" ...cut-glass precision ...lip quivering beauty ...heartrendingly exquisite intimacy this wonderful record." - The Times

"lovelier than most will ever achieve ...this is a piece of music deserved of wide appreciation. ...a great album for the head and the heart." - Clickmusic

"...near-perfect warm and enveloping melancholy" - Soundsxp

"Expertly understated ...a beauty built upon intertwining guitar picking patterns and the hammers of a piano somewhere dropping as if by the grace of gravity alone in all the perfect places."- Maverick

"lovely to listen to....Warm, gentle and quietly melancholic....Definitely worth a late night listen." Clash Magazine

"the adherence to letting the songs, rather than the production, strike the emotional chord is Things In Herds' trump card." - The Skinny