Oxford Collapse - Bits (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Experimental

01. Electric Arc
02. The Birthday Wars
03. Vernon-Jackson
04. Young Love Delivers
05. Back of the Yards
06. A Wedding
07. Featherbeds
08. For the Winter Coats
09. Men and Their Ideas
10. Children's Crusade
11. John Blood
12. B-Roll
13. I Hate Nobody

Brooklyn, N.Y.'s Oxford Collapse will unleash another disc of jangly indie rock when their fourth album, Bits, is released by Sub Pop Records on Aug. 5.

Singer/guitarist Michael Pace, bassist Adam Rizer and drummer Dan Fetherston recorded the album in chunks in various locations last year with Chad Metheny and former Don Caballero and current Brothers member Eric Emm. The band whittled the disc's 13 tunes down from 30 songs they had written for possible inclusion on the album. They still didn't have lyrics for many of the songs when they hit the studio.

"The Birthday Wars" can be previewed on Oxford Collapse's MySpace page.

Oxford Collapse formed in 2002 and released a self-titled EP that year. Their Some Wilderness full-length debut followed two years later. A Good Ground came out in 2005 and their most recent LP is 2006's Remember The Night Parties. The band have also released a handful of vinyl seven- and 12-inch singles.