My Federation - Don't Wanna Die (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Psychedelic,Synth


1. Don’t Wanna Die
2. Open My Eyes
3. What Gods Are These
4. It All Comes Clear
5. Nothing To Say
6. Honey Bee
7. Rising Light
8. Party Offender
9. Paper And String
10. Tom Tom
11. Honey For The Soul
12. Somethings Gotta Give

DESCRIBING themselves as “psychedelic electro rock with balls and bells”, Brighton-based My Federation have certainly delivered a ball-busting debut album in Don’t Wanna Die.
Spearheaded by the funky singles Don’t Wanna Die and Honey Bee, it’s a heady brew of lusty vocal harmonies, juicy ananlogue synths, pulsating guitars and choruses that are so catchy they’re made for singing along with.
Best of all, they’re shamefully enjoyable, combining the brashness of Oasis with the melodies of The Beach Boys and the kick ass funkiness of Kasabian.
Fronted by Lee ‘Muddy’ Baker, who gave up forging fine paintings and thieving cars to join the band, My Federation are unaplogetically eclectic and cite influences as wide and as inspired as The Flaming Lips, Super Furry Animals, Led Zeppelin, Daft Punk and Stevie Wonder.
Baker’s laidback, almost psychedelic vocals provide wonderful accompaniment to the electronic flourishes and finger-clicking beats that accompany most of their music. The choral “don’t leave me behind” plea kickstarting title track Don’t Wanna Die proving particularly effective in ensuring that the song becomes one of the instant album highlights.

But the scuzzy bassline and high-energy melody of Open My Eyes is just as enticing, complete with its “ba, ba, ba”-heavy chorus and bombastic guitar riffs.