Morgan Geist - Double Night Time (2008)

Genre : Electronica,Dance,Pop


01 detroit
02 the shore
03 nocebo
04 most of all
05 skyblue pink
06 ruthless city
07 palace kife
08 city of smoke and flame
09 lullaby

Metro Areas Morgan Geist will release his second solo album in September on Environ.

Featuring vocals from Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys, Double Night Time will undoubtedly have a poppier bent than its 1997 predecessor The Driving Memoirs. And the press release accompanying the album promises as much, claiming that the album indulges his own early influences and guilty pleasures: techno-pop, prog rock and pure electronic music. Prog rock? Well just have to wait and see what that means.

Judging by his latest solo work-and the recent boogie turn of Metro Area-were expecting fully orchestrated epics that should work just as well in the home as they will in the club. With Greenspan listed as a co-writer of City of Smoke and Flame, well place our bets on that one as the inevitable pre-album single.

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