John & Jehn - John & Jehn (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Experimental

1. DOM
2. Fear Fear Fear
3. Love Me
4. I Can See You
5. The Fall
6. You Far Away
7. 20 L 07
8. Lady Spider
9. Survive
10. 1 2 3

Jack’n’Meg, Ike’n’Tina, Pete’n’Carl… couples in bands always make better music when they’re squabbling. Maybe London-based French duo John & Jehn should cut to the fights because, as it stands, this debut is all a bit too cosy. Infatuation has deafened them to the fact that neither partner can sing: John’s can’t-be-arsed drawl will sound cool only to someone who’s never heard Richard Hell while Jehn attacks her vocals with more conviction but even less accuracy. When their cute, garagey guitar squalls and primitive organ grooves come together, as on ‘Fear Fear Fear’ or the spindly Cramps-esque boogie of ‘Lady Spider’, it’s more by accident than design and Ipso Facto summon a similar atmosphere with more style and poise. John & Jehn probably imagine themselves as Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Bonnie And Clyde’, when in reality they’re more like the indie-goth Richard & Judy.