Head Like A Kite - There is loud laughter everywhere (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock,Electronic

1. Intro
2. We Were So Entangled
3. No Ordinary Caveman
4. Listen Young Stunners
5. Big FM Radio Hit
6. Everyday Should Be A Costume Party
7. Daydream Vacation
8. Letting It Go On The Ohio Turnpike
9. Six Bags Of Confetti
10. Keano's Couch
11. Before We Go To Bed
12. Ther Is Loud Laughter Everywhere
13. Roll Credits

Head Like A Kite is Dave Einmo, and his second full-length and first for Mush is an expert blend of electronic rock production and pure pop-song craft built on a bed of pillaged found sound from cities the band visited on their 2006 US tour. Contributors include members of The Long Winters, Smoosh, Radio 4, Crooked Fingers, and Preston School Of Industry. Each track is flavored with the perfect additions to the epic songwriting and big beat electronic production that is Head Like A Kite's forte.