Friska Viljor - Tour de hearts (2008)

Genre : Indie,Rock


01. On and on 3:30
02. Old man 3:35
03. Oh no 4:23
04. The streets sounds like 2:59
05. The cure 3:29
06. Taste of her lips 3:58
07. Arpeggio 4:13
08. Early morning 5:50
09. Dear old dad 4:08
10. Sunday 4:24
11. In the nude 1:47

wo friends (Daniel & Joakim) decided to put all things aside after a simultaneous breakup with their girlfriends. Nothing was now more important than late nights and drinking, everything is good when drunk. We all know it. Since a long time ago the two friends had played in the same band so they had a rehersal studio at hand. One night after a lot of streetwobbling they ended up in the studio. They started playing and something new to them appeared. They kept on playing and notes got into chords and chords into songs. That night they made a promise, to never write songs sober again. Maybe not the wisest idea but still they are committed to that promise and with high hopes now written a full length album that is due to release this spring/summer.