Bon Iver - For Emma, forever ago (2008)

Genre : Folk,Acoustic,Singer-Songwriter


01. Flume 3:39
02. Lump sum 3:21
03. Skinny love 3:58
04. The wolves (act I and II) 5:23
05. Blindsided 5:30
06. Creature fear 3:06
07. Team 1:57
08. For Emma 3:41
09. Re_ stacks 6:42

Why would someone seclude themselves for three months of sheer solidarity in a cabin in the woods of Wisconsin? Well, someone like Justin Vernon (the principal force behind Bon Iver) would. Following the demise of the band he used to be a part of, DeYarmond Edison, Vernon packed his bags and confined himself to these extreme measures. This was truly a thriving time for Vernon because throughout these three months he developed the music for his nine-song debut, For Emma, Forever Ago.
The first thing that stands out in Vernon’s album is that it is chiefly acoustic album featuring his genuine and endowed falsetto. However, this isn’t to say that it is ever tedious or waning with energy. Even in its most serene moments, the album flourishes with pure emotion and passionate music. On many instances, like “Creature Fear,” Vernon allows the drums to thrust through while he offers lush and diverse vocal harmonization. The drums gallantly pound away as Vernon’s voice soars above everything else. This is all done with a fine attention to detail, yet it sounds fresh and original.
The quite sections are just as equally stunning. The opener, “Flume” is a serene and moving introduction to Bon Iver’s music. Vernon’s voice powers the music to epic proportions and his vocals are heartening. It’s almost as if Vernon is whispering beautiful secrets straight into your ear. The album is packed with moments like these, moments that are both elevating and inspirational.